New iPhone apps worth downloading: Motlee, Telly update, Journey to Hell

Mar 7, 2013

Prep for a weekend of video sharing with today’s leading fresh app: video-sharing app Telly that includes video messaging and chat. We’ve also got a fun update to Angry Birds Space thanks to legendary guitarist Slash, and Journey to Hell, a shooter that pays homage to the genre and has you blasting demons.

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Telly update (Free)

What’s it about? Telly is a video app that lets you shoot short clips, apply filters, and share them with others.

What’s cool? Telly is something like an Instagram for video. The social network lets you shoot, edit and share videos that you can adjust and filter, and it also lets you check out the videos of other users. Just like photo-sharing apps, you can like and comment on videos you enjoy, and Telly lets you share them across Facebook and Twitter as well. Telly’s latest update adds the ability to watch users’ feeds in autoplay mode, a video inbox that lets you receive video messages and conduct video chats, and a whole lot more.

Who’s it for? If you’re interested in making and sharing videos, you’ll want to get in on Telly’s 8 million-strong subscriber base.

What’s it like? Share more videos with Socialcam and Mobli.

Angry Birds Space update ($0.99)

What’s it about? Photo Rovio’s almost-sequel to Angry Birds adds in some great new challenges and physics to create a new experience, and now it has a new theme song.

What’s cool? Attending If you haven’t played Angry Birds Space, you really should. The game takes the tried-and-true Angry Birds formula – using a slingshot to fire birds at pigs – and ramps it up by adding a number of new elements to mess with players. Some levels are set on or near planets, with players dealing with gravity wells and centripetal force, while others take place in deep space and you’ll have nothing but inertia to use to solve problems. It’s a great take on the series, and its latest update adds a goofy and yet awesome addition: Slash of Guns ‘n’ Roses plays the Angry Birds Space theme song. It’s worth a download just for that.

Who’s it for? Anyone who enjoy shaving fun on their iPhones should play Angry Birds Space.

What’s it like? Another awesome riff on the formula is Angry Birds Star Wars, but the original Angry Birds is still a solid title.

Journey to Hell ($3.99)

What’s it about? A third-person shooter with some high-quality graphics, Journey to Hell is a game that proudly packs in the cliches and pays homage to shooters of all kinds.

What’s cool? Shooter game fans will recognize a whole lot of the tropes and cliches spread throughout Journey to Hell. The third-person shooter is about fighting demons as a member of the humanity protecting order Holy Shield, and includes a number of big guns to bring to bear against your enemies. The game includes two characters you can control and almost 30 upgradable weapons, plus additional game modes “Survival” and “Treasure Hunt,” and some pretty massive boss battles.

Who’s it for? If you’re into shooters at all, you’ll want to check out Journey to Hell.

What’s it like? You’ll want to check out Shadowgun and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour for additional shooter fixes.

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