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New iPhone apps worth downloading: Mosaic by Mixbook, Threadlife, Trivial Impact

Nov 1, 2012

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. Photo album creation app Mosaic by Mixbook might be able to help you in the gift-giving department. We’ve also got Threadlife, an app about using short video clips to make movies and share them, and Trivial Impact, a political trivia game that takes aim at the presidential election.

Mosaic by Mixbook (Free)

What’s it about? Mosaic’s service has users create albums out of their iOS device’s photos. You take 20 photos and send them off to be printed in book form for $20.

What’s cool? The Mosaic service is pretty slick and easy to use. Pick 20 different photos, and Mosaic creates an album out of them for you. You can then order your album and have it show up within four days, making for a cool and simple way personalized gift creator.

Who’s it for? Amateur photographers who use their iOS devices as a camera will find it a cool way of making gifts and albums of their own.

What’s it like? Use Camera+ or Camera Awesome to take solid pictures, and order physical prints of them using apps such as PostalPix.

Threadlife (Free)

What’s it about? Video-shooting app Threadlife creates stories. You shoot short, 3-second videos from your life called “stitches,” then add them to the stitches of others to create a story through social networking.

What’s cool? Threadlife is a fun concept for interacting with other people. The videos you shoot are so small and so concise that you can quickly and easily create mini-movies to share with others through the app’s social network. You can keep them confined to just what you want to make, or open them to others to collaborate.

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Who’s it for? Social media fans and people who like to take photos and videos will find a new creative outlet in Threadlife.

What’s it like? Try video-sharing apps such as SocialCam and Google+ for creating video clips.

Trivial Impact (Free)

What’s it about? As the 2012 Presidential Election grows near, you’re tasked with canvassing your local area to try to influence their votes. That means you’ll be answering lots of trivia questions about the candidates – the more you get right, the more successful your influence is.

What’s cool? Trivia is always a little bit of simple fun, and if you’re informed about the presidential candidates (or if you’re not), Trivial Impact can be a fun game to test that knowledge and expand it. It’s also interesting to try to influence people by becoming an “expert” on certain topics and being as visible in the public as possible, both of which help your progress.

Who’s it for? Politics junkies and trivia fans might get a kick out of Trivial Impact, although it’s worth noting that it has a pro-Obama slant. So if you’re left-leaning or maybe undecided, consider giving the app a look, but know that its creators are sharing their viewpoint, not an objective one.

What’s it like? Check out Political Fury and Disney American Presidents for apps that blend political information and gaming.

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