New iPhone apps worth downloading: ModCloth, TED update, Frog Orbs

Feb 11, 2013

Find something new to wear with the help of today’s leading fresh app, a new iPad app from ModCloth for shopping on the retro clothing website. We’ve also got an update to TED for faster video streaming of Ted Talks, and Frog Orbs, an arcade title modeled after the classic Missile Command.

ModCloth (iPad) (Free)

What’s it about? The official app of online retailer ModCloth brings the site’s full catalog of clothes, books, and accessories to your iPad.

What’s cool? Like other shopping apps, ModCloth is a convenient gateway to see what’s available from the retro clothes retailer and, you know, buy it. The app lets you browse through ModCloth’s full inventory of stuff, complete with an interface that shows lots of images and makes searching easy. You can also set items as favorites and create wish lists and share items with others.

Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of retro clothing or the ModCloth website, check out its iPad app for additional convenience.

What’s it like? You can find more shopping opportunities from Zappos and Anthropologie.

TED update (Free)

What’s it about? TED brings thousands of video lectures and talks from the TED conferences to your mobile device, so you can learn about the next big ideas.

What’s cool? If you’ve ever seen a TED Talk, you probably realize how cool and informative they can be. The official TED app brings 1,400 of those talks to you by way of streaming video content over the Internet, and supports features such as AirPlay for watching on your TV or Mac computer. The app also makes it possible to share videos with others. TED’s latest big update adds translations and subtitles in about 90 languages to its various talks, and improves video performance for better streaming.

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Who’s it for? If you like learning new things and enjoy TED, you should definitely check out this app.

What’s it like? Learn a little something more from TED Books and Wikipedia app Wikiweb.

Frog Orbs (Free)

What’s it about? Modeled after the classic game Missile Command, Frog Orbs has players cast magical spells to stop enemies from crossing to the bottom of the screen.

What’s cool? Frog Orbs has the benefit of feeling both familiar and fresh. Your goal is to defend your area from invasive creatures. The trick is two-fold: first you have to lead your targets by placing your attacks where they’re going to be rather than where they are (just like in Missile Command). Second, you’ll want to use the right spell for the job, inflicting elemental damage on the bad guys who are weakest to each kind of magic.

Who’s it for? Arcade gamers and fans of Missile Command and other old-school revivals might want to try Frog Orbs.

What’s it like? For another experience similar to the old Missile Command title, try Warheads. You might also enjoy the Centipede: Origins, a revival of the old arcade title Centipede.

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