New iPhone apps worth downloading: Melt, MONTAJ update, Bombcats

May 21, 2013

First up today is Melt, a social networking app that lets you exchange photos with random people around the world.MONTAJ, our second app today, makes creating and sharing videos easy and quick, offering filters and some editing capabilities. Finally, Bombcats puts a new spin on physics puzzlers by including exploding cats.

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Melt (Free)

What’s it about? Melt is sort of like finding pen pals, but with photos. It lets you send out a photo to another random user and get one back.

What’s cool? Plenty of social networks let you share your photos with friends, other users, and even followers. Melt mixes up the experience to make it a bit more random: You pick a favorite photo from your Camera Roll, give it a caption, and send it out into the world, and the app automatically sends one back to you from another user. You can then send a message if you’re impressed by the image and potentially strike up a conversation with the other person, who could be anywhere.

Who’s it for? If you’re into mobile device photography and social networking, check out Melt.

What’s it like? Instagram is also good for photo-sharing that’s a little less structured.

MONTAJ update (Free)

What’s it about? Quick and easy video editor MONTAJ makes it easy to create and share videos that highlight cool moments in life.

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What’s cool? MONTAJ gives you the tools you need create cool videos and keeps the simple to use. You can use the app to shoot video, and once you’ve got some clips, you’ll find them all arranged on a storyboard screen, where you can quickly rearrange them. You can also apply things like filters and music from iTunes, and the app includes a “shake” feature that lets you randomize the arrangement of clips, the filters applied to them and the music that goes with them. When you’re done, you can share through email, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. The newest update to the app makes sharing easier with quicker navigation and lets you follow other MONTAJ users to see what they’re creating.

Who’s it for? MONTAJ is geared specifically for iPhone and iPad videographers who want a simplified way to make short movies.

What’s it like? More great editing tools and sharing capabilities are available from Socialcam and Viddy.

Bombcats (Free)

What’s it about? Though it’s an arcade game with some familiar mechanics, Bombcats still manages to be lots of fun as players shoot explosive cats across various levels in order to blow up (and thereby free) kittens.

What’s cool? Bombcats will feel familiar to fans of iOS gaming. Drawing your finger back in one direction lets you fling your bombcat in the other, much like games such as Angry Birds, and your goal is to cross each level quickly and efficiently while also picking up points along the way. Each level has you reaching a caged kitten and using your exploding cat to free it, and as you progress, the puzzles become more difficult, requiring you to redirect your cat in midair, explode it early, and make tricky shots to avoid obstacles. Bombcats includes 190 levels to play through and seven different cats from which to choose, so having the right cat for the job is key to solving each of its puzzles.

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Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of physics puzzlers, Bombcats riffs on familiar mechanics and adds something new that you’ll enjoy.

What’s it like? There’s more stuff to explode in iBlast Moki 2, and Land-a Panda also offers some fun physics puzzles.

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