New iPhone apps worth downloading: Make My Face and Angry Birds Star Wars updates, Jet Set Radio

Nov 30, 2012

If your iOS device is filled with photos from the weekend, you might want to try today’s leading new app, Make My Face, which gives you decals and and more so you can mess with your snapshots. Also, two great games to kick off your week: Jet Set Radio, an action game about graffiti and skating from the Sega Dreamcast era, and a big update to Angry Birds Star Wars that takes players to the ice planet Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back.

Make My Face update ($0.99)

What’s it about? Photo app Make My Face lets you mess with your photos in a number of ways, adding elements to make for funny creations.

What’s cool? The best thing about Make My Face is that it offers a lot. Snap a shot or grab something from your Camera Roll and throw decals on it, add a cartoonish background, and more. Since the app is geared toward faces, most of the available decals include things like hats, noses, and eyes; you can mix and match them however you see fit to create whatever it is you want. When you’re done, save your creation to your Camera Roll and share it through Facebook and Twitter. And with the app’s latest bug-cleaning update, it works even better.

Who’s it for? Fans of the novelty of messing with their iOS photos should take a look at Make My Face.What’s it like? FatBooth also gives you the option to alter photos in some funny ways, and Friend Doodle allows you to draw on your photos and share them with others.

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Jet Set Radio ($4.99)

What’s it about? A classic Sega Dreamcast title, Jet Set Radio has players skating around a city, tagging buildings, vehicles, and pedestrians with graffiti to earn points.

What’s cool? The 3-D Jet Set Radio mixes a great soundtrack with fast-paced skating action and graffiti tagging, which is simply cool. Your goal as you skate around the game is to tag signs and walls to cover your gang’s turf, while also doing tricks and grinds to earn points. You can even tag other gang members, which is hilarious. The game includes a newly redesigned control scheme specifically for mobile.

Who’s it for? If you loved Jet Set on Dreamcast, you should get it here, and if skating and graffiti tagging sounds like fun, it’s definitely worth checking out.

What’s it like? For more classic gaming and skating fun, check out Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2.

Angry Birds Star Wars update ($0.99)

What’s it about? Angry Birds combines with Star Wars to take on the Empire in Angry Birds Star Wars, and the game’s latest update adds more Imperial piggies to bring down.

What’s cool? Angry Birds Star Wars’ “Hoth” update adds content inspired by The Empire Strikes Back’s battle on the infamous ice planet. It throws in new structures and elements, like giant pig-faced AT-AT walkers, as well as a new pink bird to dressed like Princess Leia. The new bird is a pretty significant game-changer herself, as her tractor beam ability is great for destabilizing structures, but using her effectively requires practice and skill. The update is free if you’ve already purchased Angry Birds Star Wars, which is even better.

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Who’s it for? This game is for fans of Angry Birds, Star Wars, and well-made casual games.

What’s it like? Angry Birds Space offers a similar sci-fi take on Angry Birds, and for more Star Wars, try the augmented reality title Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner.

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