New iPhone apps worth downloading: Majors, River Monsters+, They Need To Be Fed 2

May 1, 2013

Are you a college student undecided on which major to choose? If so, you’ll find the Majors iPhone app to be pretty handy, as it helps you compare information about different jobs and career paths. Following that is an River Monsters+, an app angled at people who liked to fish. Finally, They Need To Be Fed 2 provides gamers with some gravity bending platformer action.

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Majors (Free)

What’s it about? Headed to college? Choosing a major is a huge part of the experience and picking the right one saves time and money. Majors is here to help with the decision-making process.

What’s cool? Majors helps students make calculated decisions by providing a ton of information about different career paths. The app lets you know what majors are in demand and what you can expect in terms of salary compensation. Majors also determines what kind of schooling you need for a given profession. All that data might help you graduate sooner by tailoring your future courses to those you will actually need for your intended profession.

Who’s it for? College and high school students have the most to gain from Majors, but anyone considering higher education can use for making decisions.

What’s it like? Choose a College Major can also help with making the major decision, and is useful for job-searching applications.

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River Monsters+ (Free)

What’s it about? Keep track of all your fishing trip data with River Monsters+, and use that information to improve your fishing prospects.

What’s cool? Folks interested in fishing successfully, know that there’s a lot of information to consider when making trips. Lures, lunar cycles, locations and species are all important factors when heading out if you want to actually catch anything substantial. River Monsters+ tracks and logs all the data from your trips. You can keep track of all your trips and catches within the app, share them on social networks such as Facebook, and get information from other anglers about where, when and how they’re fishing in real time.

Who’s it for? If fishing is your sport, River Monsters+ is a great catch.

What’s it like? Check out Strike King Fishing Log and Fishing World Angler’s Log for more fish-tracking apps.

They Need To Be Fed 2 (Free)

What’s it about? Navigate across different structures in side-scrolling platformer They Need To Be Fed 2, where gravity is felt in 360 degrees and you’ll need to use it to solve problems.

What’s cool? Each level of They Need To Be Fed 2 includes a number of platforms, blocks and  balls across which you can jump and run with your character, but each of those structures also exudes its own gravity – which means that you can stand on the bottom of a ball or platform as well as the top, and that sometimes you’ll need to throw yourself from one gravitational field to another. Using all that variable gravity creatively is the key to getting through each level, and things will become more difficult as you have to dodge things such as missiles, lasers and enemies.

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Who’s it for? Fans of platforming titles will find They Need To Be Fed 2 to be a fun remix of traditional mechanics.

What’s it like? For more interesting platforming and physics games, check out They Need To Be Fed and Blind World.

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