New iPhone apps worth downloading: Mailbox and LinkedIn updates, Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Apr 18, 2013

First up today is Mailbox, an app that brings a more mobile focus to Gmail on your iPhone, and offers the ability to set your mailbox to “snooze” so you’re not harassed by emails at all hours. Up next is LinkedIn, the social network for professionals that makes networking, and maybe even job-hunting, a little easier. Finally, Om Nom is back in Cut the Rope: Time Travel, which adds new elements to the puzzler series.

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Mailbox update (Free)

What’s it about? Mobile mail client Mailbox provides an alternate interface for users looking for a better way to use Gmail on their iPhones.

What’s cool? Mailbox is a Gmail app that gives you a highly mobile version of the web-based email service. The idea is to make things as easy and quick to read as possible, providing email conversations to users in a chat-like interface that makes it easy for skimming. The app also sends you Push notifications about new messages, and lets you set “snooze” settings so you won’t be bothered by emails during certain times of the day or night. Mailbox’s latest update improves the user interface and makes everything work a little better.

Who’s it for? Gmail users looking for a cleaner interface with additional features should try Mailbox.

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What’s it like? Try the original Gmail app, as well as iMailG, for other Gmail options.

LinkedIn update ($0.99)

What’s it about? LinkedIn brings the full experience of the business-oriented social network to your iOS devices, with all the networking options you’d find in the web version.

What’s cool? LinkedIn is basically Facebook for professionals – it’s a social network in which you can share your work history and resume, make contacts and maybe even find your next great job. The app gives you all the options the network gives you in its web version, including the ability to update your profile, endorse people, send messages and get introductions to new contacts, and more. There are multiple versions of LinkedIn that are available through subscription fees, so the app’s options vary between free users and those with premium accounts – but even the free version offers a lot to people looking to expand their business contacts. LinkedIn’s new update throws in a redesign and adds more features for social interaction, like the ability to “like,” comment, and follow influential people.

Who’s it for? If you’re a professional looking to connect with others, LinkedIn can help.

What’s it like? Other social networking tools, such as Facebook and Klout, can also be helpful in meeting other professionals.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel ($0.99)

What’s it about? The latest in the entry in the Cut the Rope series continues to change the formula, adding new puzzles that include the addition of new monsters and new features.

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What’s cool? Cut the Rope has always been about feeding candies to a little green monster by cutting them free of ropes from which they’re hanging. In Cut the Rope: Time Travel, the monster Om Nom has traveled back in time, so the game’s puzzles feature him and his various ancestor, requiring players to feed both monsters at the same time. There are also new features that challenge players in Cut the Rope’s puzzles, such as chains, portals and more.

Who’s it for? Fans of casual puzzle games and the rest of the Cut the Rope franchise will like this one.

What’s it like? Try the other titles in the series: Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope: Experiments.

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