New iPhone apps worth downloading: Magic Moments and Creatorverse updates, Arranger

Nov 28, 2012

All three of today’s new apps our great outlets for your creative impulses. First off, newly updated Magic Moments lets you order personalized products through CafePress. Also with an impressive update is Creatorverse, a physics game that is now available to iPhone users, and Arranger, a role-playing game that mixes in other genres.

Magic Moments update (Free)

What’s it about? Magic Moments has partnered with CafePress to allow users to create personalized products using their iOS devices, as well as order and pay for them.

What’s cool? CafePress on the web allows its users to create just about whatever they want – like iPhone cases branded with their own images or the logos of their favorite teams and purchase those items. The app features other customization options as well, like the ability to add text. You can share the things you’ve created with others through Facebook and Twitter, and post your creations to the Magic Moments online store. If other users buy the things you’ve created, you make 5 percent off all sales.

Who’s it for? If you’re feeling a bit crafty, but also want items that are professionally printed, Magic Moments is probably for you.

What’s it like? Photography app PostalPix leta you order prints of your own photos, which is a bit similar, and Mosaic by MIxbook allows you to order specialized photo albums built from your images.

Creatorverse update ($4.99)

What’s it about? More a physics sandbox than a game, Creatorverse lets players create interesting inventions and set them into motion.

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What’s cool? You can put together various elements to make machines, and then activate them and watch how they work. If you think of something equivalent to a digital Rube Goldberg machine, you’ve got the right idea. Creatorverse was previously only available on the iPad, but the app recently was updated to make it iOS Universal, bringing it to iPhone and iPod Touch players.

Who’s it for? Anybody can have fun with being creative in Creatorverse, but the game might appeal most to children for its educational potential.

What’s it like? Amazing Alex and Bad Piggies take a similar approach to Creatorverse, but with a puzzle game framework.

Arranger ($0.99)

What’s it about? Part role-playing title, part mini-game compendium and part music game, Arranger sends players on a quest through an 8-bit world filled with puzzles.

What’s cool? Scattered throughout the game are tons of mini-games that you work through and solve, as you interact with other characters and reveal the game’s story. As the name suggests, you also arrange music in interactive sections during which you use musical attacks to complete different songs. Arranger is definitely a weird game world, but it’s an interesting and diverse one.

Who’s it for? There’s a wide range of appeal here. If you like puzzle games and role-playing titles, you’ll want to check out Arranger.

What’s it like? Try Mini Mix Mayhem for more mini-game weirdness, and Cthulhu Saves the World for another old-school RPG experience.

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