New iPhone apps worth downloading: Lovely update, Foresee, Blastron

Jul 17, 2013

Get help searching for a new apartment or home with Lovely, today’s first app worth downloading. It’ll let you search for places to live around you, and also sends notifications your way when something new goes on the market so you can act fast. Foresee is up next: it uses weather data to let you know the best times of day for your outdoor activities, like jogs or golf games. Finally, Blastron challenges players to a turn-based, 2-D strategy match, controlling robots who are out to blast one another into oblivion.

Lovely – Find Homes and Apartments for Rent update (Free)

What’s it about? Search for places to live around you with Lovely, and get notifications whenever a place goes on the market in you preferred area.

What’s cool? Finding a place to live can be really difficult just because of the amount of ground to cover. In markets like cities where rental space is often in high demand, that can mean missing out on a great place because someone else snaps it up before you knew it was there. Lovely works to take that guesswork out of when places become available by allowing you to search for apartments and houses, and by sending you notifications when new places become available so you’ll know immediately. Lovely’s newest update lets you save your renter qualifications into a card that you can quickly share with landlords when you apply for a place, share listings with other users, and more.

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Who’s it for? If you’re looking for a new place to live, Lovely will give you a leg up on the competition.

What’s it like? Zillow and MyNewPlace are also good resources when you’re planning a move or hoping for a living space upgrade.

Foresee ($2.99)

What’s it about? Wondering if it’s the right time to take a jog or play a round of golf? Use weather app Foresee to help you make your outdoor plans.

What’s cool? Foresee bills itself as your “personal activity forecast,” judging the weather conditions and the forecast in order to find the perfect times for you to take part in outdoor activities. The app works pretty simply – you input what you want to do and what day you want to do it, like “barbecue” or “running,” and the app analyzes weather data to let you know when the ideal time is for you activity. The app lets you check weather conditions in multiple cities, and you can save events and create schedules of all your ideal times and activities, to make solid plans.

Who’s it for? If you’re looking for weather data so you’ll enjoy your outdoors time even more than you already do, try Foresee.

What’s it like? The Weather Channel and Weather Bug are also great weather app alternatives.

Blastron (Free)

What’s it about? Fight friends and robots in Blastron, a turn-based side-scrolling strategy game in which you play a robot that has to blast other robots.

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What’s cool? After being built to wage war on behalf of humans, and then having destroyed all humans, the robots of Blastron are bored – so they’ve started blasting each other. Players get to control and customize their own robots, fighting turn-based battles across various side-scrolling levels. You’ll move your robot around the stage, which has vertical obstacles, platforms and cliffs to vary the terrain, and then engage each other with various weapons. The idea is to carefully strategize to make your moves and attacks as effective as possible. Blastron includes a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode that pits you against players from all over the world.

Who’s it for? Players who like their strategy violent and two-dimensional will have some fun with the robots of Blastron.

What’s it like? Blastron bears a lot of similarities in game play to Worms 2:Armageddon and Fragger, so check them out for more strategic experiences.

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