New iPhone apps worth downloading: Lookout, Toontastic update (iPad), Monsters University

Jun 20, 2013

Today’s first app worth downloading, Lookout, can help you locate your iOS device if you had just a little too much fun last weekend. The app helps you find your missing device and provides some security features for OS device owners, as well. Up next is Toontastic, an iPad app that allows kids to create (and learn about )their own cartoons. Finally, Monsters University combines two mini-games into one app to tie in with the upcoming Pixar movie.

Lookout (Free)

What’s it about? Security app Lookout brings a number of handy features to iOS users, and better still, they’re free.

What’s cool? Lookout is an app to help keep your iOS devices safe. It include a number of handy security features that help you when you’re in a bind and having trouble with a high-priced piece of equipment like an iPhone or iPad. The app includes a “Find My Phone” feature that helps you track down a missing device when it has been lost or stolen, backs up your data in case something should happen, and saves your device’s location before it runs out of battery so you can find it even when it’s turned off.

Who’s it for? If you could use a little help with losing your phone and keeping your data secure, try Lookout.

What’s it like? Find My iPhone is Apple’s solution to a missing iOS device, and Security Cabinet can help keep your data and device safe.

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Toontastic update (iPad) ($19.99)

What’s it about? Help kids get creative with Toontastic, a storytelling app that lets kids create their own cartoons.

What’s cool? Toontastic combines a number of elements, like still photos, simple animation and storyboarding, to help kids exercise their creative muscles and learn to tell good stories. The app allows users to quickly and easily create cartoons of their own, mapping out the story structure, applying animation and sound, and sharing what they’ve created with other users around the world. The app basically allows kids to put on a video puppet show by moving elements around the screen with a touch, while simultaneously recording, allowing for quick, easy creations that can be pretty impressive. Toontastic’s new 2.0 update adds new animation features and more detailed sprites and animations (like blinking), as well as the ability to add your child’s face to their creation and more.

Who’s it for? Toontastic looks to help make kids more creative, so it generally skews toward a younger audience.

What’s it like? Both Super Duper StoryMaker and Felt Board are creative ways for kids to express themselves.

Monsters University ($0.99)

What’s it about? Based on the upcoming Monsters, Inc. prequel from Pixar, Monsters University is actually two mini-games in one.

What’s cool? With an emphasis on casual gameplay, Monsters University looks to grab players’ attention by providing them two games in one package. The first has players trying to catch “Archie the Scarepig” by chasing him down through various levels in hopes of tiring him out. As you chase him, you’ll have to dodge obstacles by swiping back and forth on your screen. The second min-game focuses on the “Scare Games,” a competition of agility in which players run through sewer levels in an attempt to beat a ticking clock, while also dodging various dangers.

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Who’s it for? Fans of running titles and Monsters University will find some fun casual gameplay in this one.

What’s it like? Grab Temple Run Oz and One Epic Knight for fun, often humorous gameplay in a similar vein.

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