New iPhone apps worth downloading: Krome, Newsy: Video from Multiple Sources update, Orborun

Sep 20, 2013

Today’s haul of fresh apps kicks off with Krome, an app for ordering prints of all the cool photos you snap with your iOS devices but only have in digital format. You can order prints to your door, edit them, and even share them across social media outlets. We’ve also got an update to Newsy, an app for streaming short news videos to stay up on what’s happening in the world. Last but not least is Orborun, a rolling ball game in which players control a orb-shaped robot as it careens down a chute in an attempt to get the best finishing times possible.

Krome (Free)

What’s it about? Touch up photos and order custom prints for yourself or as gifts with photography app Krome.

What’s cool? Using your phone to take photos is great for capturing moments, but getting those shots off your iOS device isn’t as easy. Krome helps that situation, allowing users to order custom prints of images, as well as plaques and photobooks, and have them delivered to their door, or sent to friends and family. The app allows you retouch your images, doing things like reworking backgrounds and increasing brightness, and you can share the results through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Who’s it for? If you shoot a lot of photos with your iOS devices, Krome can help you turn your digital images into hard copies.

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What’s it like? Grab PostalPix or Print Studio for alternative means of ordering photo prints.



Newsy: Video from Multiple Sources update (Free)

What’s it about? Stream short, informative news videos with Newsy, which specializes in bringing users the news in quick, easy bursts.

What’s cool? Newsy is an app that brings you the latest, most important news stories of the day in the form of short, concise videos that you can stream to your mobile devices. The videos bring you all the pertinent information about the story in a mobile-friendly version, and you can easily share them across social networks with other users. You can also search for the videos you’re interested in from various news sources, and Newsy will send you notifications about new videos you might be interested in, as well. The latest update for Newsy brings a new interface to the app specifically designed for iOS 7.

Who’s it for? News addicts who want fast, informative videos should check out Newsy.

What’s it like? Get more news in video format from Dailymotion and Vodio.

Orborun ($1.99)

What’s it about? Orborun puts players through a series of speed trials as they guide round robots down chutes, scoring points and finishing as quickly as possible.

What’s cool? Something of a racing title, Orborun puts players in control of robots that have the ability to turn themselves into orbs, then go rolling down chutes in a series of timed levels. The goal in each level is to finish as quickly as possible, but you’ll also use either tilt or touch controls to guide your robot around the chute to capture things like coins and other power ups. You can score additional points by smashing through panes of glass (and lose points if you hit the wrong ones), so levels become more challenging as you try to balance grabbing points with maintaining as much speed as possible. Orborun includes more than 90 levels to play through, and also has nine different skins you can unlock to change your robot’s appearance.

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Who’s it for? Fans of tilt-based racing gameplay and “rolling ball” games should try Orborun.

What’s it like? Also worth checking out in the same genre are Super Monkey Ball 2 and RBS HD.

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