New iPhone apps worth downloading: Kona Mobile update, Flowboard – Touch Publishing, Random Heroes 2

Apr 30, 2013

Leverage your social networking skills to get some work done and connect with coworkers and club members with the help of Kona Mobile. Up next is Flowboard, an iPad app for making multimedia presentations and stories that can be viewed on your mobile device or online. Finally, Random Heroes 2 puts a gun and transports you to the home planet of evil aliens that need thrashing in an old-school action-platformer.

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Kona Mobile update (Free)

What’s it about? Use the social networking capabilities of remotely from your iOS devices to organize projects, enter discussions, and collaborate.

What’s cool? Kona Mobile is designed to make it easy for users to work together on projects, and to connect with different groups for easy communication and sharing. Starting with a account, the app lets you hook up with different people you work with and put them into groups that help you more effectively connect with them when you’re working on something together. You can use Kona as a social tool for sharing updates and images with club members, coworkers with whom you’re not collaborating, and others. It’s an intimate, multi-purpose social network. Kona Mobile’s most recent update squashes some bugs and improved loading speeds.

Who’s it for? Kona Mobile is primarily aimed at people who want some semi-professional social networking capabilities, but you’ll need a account to use it.

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What’s it like? Try firing up Path and LinkedIn as alternative social networks: the former is based on smaller groups of close friends, and the latter is aimed specifically at career-building and professional networking.

Flowboard – Touch Publishing (iPad) (Free)

What’s it about? Presentation and publication app Flowboard lets users create side-scrolling multimedia presentations straight from their iPads.

What’s cool? The name “Flowboard” pretty much explains what this app is all about. You use it to create “side-scrolling” stories and presentations – that is, users insert photos, text, and other media in a presentation that’s aligned from left to right, and the finished product “flows” as it tells the story or makes its presentation. The app starts you with a preset theme and lets you add multimedia items to it such as photos or videos, and you can quickly access items through Dropbox, Facebook, Box, or even a quick Google search. Once you’ve created your presentation, Flowboard saves everything to the cloud, allowing you to share the project with a URL and access it from wherever you are.

Who’s it for? If you’re one for creating multimedia presentations or telling multimedia stories, try doing so with Flowboard.

What’s it like? Create and show more presentations with the help of Keynote and Share Board.

Random Heroes 2 (Free)

What’s it about? Take the battle against evil aliens to their homeworld in Random Heroes 2, a side-scrolling shooting game with 8-bit platforming levels.

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What’s cool? The first Random Heroes had players using all kinds of weapons to blast a mess of different aliens in a fairly straightforward arcade experience. Your goal was to collect hidden items and coins in every level, and spend them on new weapons. Random Heroes 2 continues the story with players heading to the aliens’ home planet to blast them on their own turf, and tweaks the formula a bit to make exploring each of the game’s levels more valuable. Upgrading weapons is a bit tougher and you’ll need to find hidden skulls in each level to get the most out of your guns. You can also unlock 18 new characters to use across 90 levels, along with 22 different guns, each of which can be upgraded.

Who’s it for? Fans of old-school action-platformers will have a good time with Random Heroes 2, especially if they liked the first game.

What’s it like? Random Heroes is worth some attention if you like the second game, and Ravenous Games’ other titles also deserve a look – especially League of Evil.

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