New iPhone apps worth downloading: iCoolhunt, Hotschedules update, Dungeon Plunder

Mar 13, 2013

Find the latest trends and share them with iCoolhunt, today’s first app worth downloading. It’s a social network that’s something of a game, challenging you to find emerging trends and to comment and rate on those discovered by others. Employers and employees will like the update to Hotschedules, an app that makes managing schedules easy. Finally, there’s Dungeon Plunder, a role-playing title that uses a slot machine mechanic for battles.

iCoolhunt (Free)

What’s it about? iCoolhunt turns snapping photos and finding cool trends into a game, daring users to find new things to and share why they like them.

What’s cool? The app has users sharing photos of things they think are cool in an effort to determine what the next big trend is. You can give a bit of information for why you think what you’ve discovered is a big deal, and vote up or down different pictures shared by other users, as well as leave comments. The app also rewards you with badges when you identify cool things.

Who’s it for? Social networking fans who like to be on the forefront of the latest trends should check out iCoolhunt.

What’s it like? Check out Trendabl and TrendArY for more trend-seeking social networking.

Also on Appolicious

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Hotschedules update (Free)

What’s it about? Business app Hotschedules is built to make it easy for employees and employers to make and share schedules.

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What’s cool? You can adjust schedules on the fly by switching shifts between employees, and put in future scheduling requests. Hotschedules’ recent update brings a fresh design to the app and should improve functionality with lots of fixes.

Who’s it for? This one’s specifically aimed at employers who make a lot of schedules and employees who need to manage them.

What’s it like? To-do list apps like Task Pro can also help you keep track of scheduling, and for business, try When I Work.

Dungeon Plunder ($1.99)

What’s it about? Dungeon-crawling role-playing title Dungeon Plunder is has players exploring dungeons and fighting monsters, using a slot-machine mechanic to determine how fights go.

What’s cool? Dungeon Plunder is considered a “rogue-like,” which means it’s a role-playing title in which players fight through randomized areas in search of treasure and monsters to fight. You can choose from three different classes of character that will determine your play style as you move through the game, but Dungeon Plunder sets itself apart with its slot machine mechanic, which is used for combat. You’ll have to manage different elements of the slot machine, like what abilities you use when, and you’ll be able to strategically re-spin in order to make the best of your attacks. Successfully beating enemies means you can “level up” your characters to make them more effective, and you’ll eventually take on more than 90 different varieties of baddies.

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Who’s it for? Old-school RPG fans, Dungeon Plunder provides a slightly more casual take on the genre.

What’s it like? If the slot machine mechanic interests you, try King Cashing 2. You can also get some more rogue-like play from Rogue Ninja.

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