New iPhone apps worth downloading: Handybook, Eye Capture update, Infect Them All 2: Zombies

Mar 6, 2013

Need something done as Spring cleaning and other jobs start to rear their heads? You might try today’s leading fresh app, Handybook, which connects people who have jobs to do with people who can do them, for a small fee. We’ve also got an update to Eye Capture, an app that can make your magazine-reading experience interactive, and Infect Them All 2: Zombies, a game in which you play as the brain-eaters and have to infect the humans.


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Handybook (Free)

What’s it about? If you’ve got odd jobs that need doing, Handybook can connect you to other users willing to do them.

What’s cool? With Spring kicking off, lots of people have things that need doing around the house, in the yard, and what have you. Handybook connects users who have jobs that need doing with users who want to do jobs for a small fee. It’s something of a social network in that sense, allowing you to choose the category of the job you can do or need done, the location of the other person and even user ratings alongside each person’s rate to do the job.

Who’s it for? If you’re too busy to do things like clean or assemble furniture yourself (or if you’re just really bad at it), Handybook might be able to help.

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What’s it like? TaskRabbit is another app that connects people who need stuff done with people who can do it, and Gigwalk turns you and your iOS device into a part-time worker paid for gathering photos around your neighborhood.

Eye Capture update (Free)

What’s it about? Eye Capture is an app that adds Internet connectivity to your magazine reading, allowing you to quickly find content based on what’s on the page.

What’s cool? Point your iOS device’s camera at a magazine page and you can use Eye Capture to find lots of additional info and content about whatever is on that page. If you point it at a participating magazine that features a spread of food, for example, you might be able to find recipes for the meals, coupons for grocery stores and more – all pulled up on your iOS device in a tappable image format. Eye Capture’s latest update includes a partnership with Redbook, allowing you to use the app with the magazine’s content to find lots of cool extra stuff on your iPhone or iPad.

Who’s it for? Magazine readers – specifically those who like Redbook – should check out Eye Capture.

What’s it like? Though it doesn’t include the cool magazine features, Amazon Mobile can definitely help you find what you’re trying to buy, regardless of where you see it.

Infect Them All 2: Zombies ($0.99)

What’s it about? Take on the role of the zombies and infect as many humans as you can in arcade title Infect Them All 2.

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What’s cool? Avid iPhone game fans have probably killed more than their fair share of zombies by this point in their gaming careers, but few games allow you to get on the other side of the experience and play as a zombie attacking humans. Infect Them All 2 is all about being evil (although in a cartoonish kind of way), requiring players to attack humans, infect them to turn them into zombie minions, and eat them in order to stay alive. Each level’s goal is just to infect or eat all the humans, and each will throw different kinds of humans at you, with different abilities. Some are tougher to take down than others, so you’ll need to upgrade your zombies and minions with money you earn for clearing each stage.

Who’s it for? If you’re into zombie games but tire of always shooting them, you might have fun playing for the other team in Infect Them All 2.

What’s it like? Try Brainsss and Zombie Glider for other titles that let you be the bad guys.

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