New iPhone apps worth downloading: Google Chrome and Final Fantasy Tactics updates, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

Jun 5, 2013

We’ve got games in today’s apps worth downloading, but first something with a little utility to kick things off. It’s Google Chrome, the mobile version of the tech giant’s web browser, and it was just updated to add the ability to search the web by voice. Now, onto the fun: Up first is Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, the follow-up to the great tower defense game Kingdom Rush. Bringing up the rear, we have a big update to Final Fantasy Tactics, the classic strategy game that now supports high-resolution screens and has other new features as well.

Google Chrome update (Free)

What’s it about? Google’s web browser continues to get better on iOS, with new features coming to in its latest update.

What’s cool? The spiffiest thing about Google Chrome is how interactive it is with other versions of the browser. It allows users to send and receive pages between the web version and the app, which makes it highly convenient for Chrome users on PCs and Macs. As for mobile browsing, Chrome does a solid job of moving fast and making features such as search easy to use and accessible. Tabbed browsing, “incognito” mode and more make Chrome worth checking out in its mobile version, and the app’s latest update adds voice search, so you can find information online without having to look down and type it in.

Who’s it for? If you’re a Chrome user on the web, you should try the mobile app; it’s also great for anyone looking for an alternative to Safari.

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What’s it like? Skyfire is also a solid browser alternative, as is Dolphin Browser.


Kingdom Rush: Frontiers ($2.99)

What’s it about? The follow-up to the phenomenal tower defense game Kingdom Rush effectively pushes the formula forward, but maintains what players love.

What’s cool? Kingdom Rush is among the best titles available in the iTunes App Store, and its sequel, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, lives up to the hype of its predecessor. Like Kingdom Rush, Frontiers is a tower defense game in which effective moment-to-moment strategy is key. In addition to placing towers smartly, you’ll also need to dispatch troops to slow down enemies and drop reinforcements when your warriors get into trouble. Frontiers introduces additional “heroes” with different skills, who can turn the tides of battle, and new upgrades and towers to play around with. It’s a fresh take on the original formula and worth trying again.

Who’s it for? Tower defense fans, the Kingdom Rush games are some of the definitive experiences in the genre on iOS.

What’s it like? If you haven’t played it, Kingdom Rush is a game that should be on your radar.

Final Fantasy Tactics update (Free)

What’s it about? The classic strategy game from Square Enix has made its way to iOS, and is getting better with age.

What’s cool? The iOS version of Final Fantasy Tactics is already a remake of the original Playstation title, which added some new features and technical updates when it appeared on the Playstation Portable handheld. The mobile version of the game is just as good as the classic, with players controlling troops on a grid battlefield, assigning them jobs and combat roles, and experiencing one of the immersive stories Final Fantasy has become known for. The newest update to Tactics updates the graphics for the latest iOS devices, increase’s the game’s technical capabilities, and adds iCloud support for saved games.

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Who’s it for? Fans of Final Fantasy and strategy titles, especially those who haven’t already played this classic, should definitely check it out.

What’s it like? Other Final Fantasy titles you should check out are Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy V.

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