New iPhone apps worth downloading: Google+ and Flipboard updates, Cling!

Mar 27, 2013

We’ve got two big updates on popular apps kicking off today’s Apps Worth Downloading list. Up first is an update to social network Google+, which brings new photo filters and other improvements, followed by an update to Flipboard that allows users to curate their own magazine-like article layouts. Finally, we’ve got Cling!, a platformer that has players controlling a toy with eight tentacles as it tries to escape a vending machine.

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Google+ update (Free)

What’s it about? The social network created by Google has added a few new cool features to its app, allowing you to connect and share with more people more easily.

What’s cool? Google+ brings social networking with a Google flare, allowing you to post status updates, photos, videos and links just as you would with all the other social networks out there. Unlike those networks, however, Google+ brings you other cool features, such as the ability to create Google Hangouts sessions with as many as nine friends, chat with others, and automatically sync to upload your photos. The latest update to Google+ adds new photo filters for when you upload images, plus a redesigned notification tray and the ability to customize how many posts you see in your news feed.

Who’s it for? If you like Google+ or you’re just a fan of social networking, you’ll want to grab the updated Google+ app.

What’s it like? More social networking is available from Facebook and Pinterest.

Flipboard update (Free)

What’s it about? News aggregator Flipboard brings in stories from all kinds of different feeds, arranging then in an image-heavy, magazine-like layout.

What’s cool? Flipboard does a great job of making the Internet exceptionally readable. The app takes articles from lots of the best sites around the Internet and arranges their articles onto a layout that has the ease of reading and elegance of print, but the versatility of digital. In addition to including stories from various sites, Flipboard can pipe in articles your friends are sharing on Facebook and Twitter, and even give you access to certain publications’ subscription feeds straight from the app. Flipboard’s new update gives you the ability to start making your own curated magazine feed by saving articles you find interesting, and you can even share those curated magazines you create with other users.

Who’s it for? If you spend a lot of time reading articles on the Internet, try Flipboard.

What’s it like? You might also find Pulse useful for your news needs.

Cling! ($0.99)

What’s it about? Side-scrolling platformer Cling! has players helping a lost toy navigate out of a dangerous vending machine by clinging to pegs and avoiding hazards.

What’s cool? Cling! isn’t a traditional platformer with running and jumping. Instead, players control an octopus-like creature named Edgar that moves by grabbing pegs on a grid with his tentacles. You can move by directing Edgar to grab different tentacles, using his inertia to make it over gaps and avoid hazards. Some pegs have varying properties, too, which can help you avoid falling to your death, running into spikes and the like. Each of the levels in Cling! scores players on how quickly they make it through the course, so fast reflexes and smart planning are key.

Who’s it for? Fans of casual platforming titles should enjoy what Cling! has to offer.

What’s it like? You’ll find some similar ideas at work in Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin and Contre Jour.

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