New iPhone apps worth downloading: FX Photo Studio and Twitter updates, Deepworld

Dec 12, 2012

Today we’ve got FX Photo Studio, which brings tons of photo editing features to bear along with newly added iPhone 5 support. Next is Twitter’s mobile app update, which adds new filters to its photo features that give users Instagram-like additions for their posted images. Finally, we have Deepworld, a massively multiplayer game that takes a page from Minecraft and focuses on crafting.

FX Photo Studio update ($0.99)

What’s it about? FX Photo Studio is a photo-editing app with around 194 features.

What’s cool? The huge number of features is a big selling point for FX Photo Studio, but it’s not the only one. The app is capable of doing all the sort of editing you’d expect from most photo-editing software – you can adjust colors, brightness and size – and it also carries a huge number of other effects as well. You can “paint” effects onto your photos to limit the area that is actually adjusted, and you can mix and match all the available effects to create something new. There are a ton of things you can do to your images with the app, and its latest update optimizes it for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

Who’s it for? If you’re into iPhone photography and want to get the most out of your images, FX Photo Studio can help.

What’s it like? Also offering some cool photo-editing capabilities are Adobe Photoshop Express and Apple’s iPhoto.

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Twitter update (Free)

What’s it about? Twitter is hoping to compete with the popularity of the Facebook-owned Instagram by updating its app to support photo filters.

What’s cool? A lot of people are “over” the whole Instagram look of photos, but there’s no denying that the vintage filters are highly popular for a reason. In its latest update, Twitter has looked to capitalize on some of that popularity by providing users filters that they can apply to photos they upload to the microblogging social network. The next time you go to snap or upload a photo with Twitter, you’ll be able to alter it in a few key ways to stylize it. Of course, you still have Twitter’s other features, like text updates, video uploads, direct messaging capabilities and the ability to read your timeline and the updates of others.

Who’s it for? If you’re partial to Twitter over other social networks, and would also like the capabilities of Instagram but without having to use more than one app to achieve them, you’ll want to check out the new update.

What’s it like? Of course, Instagram itself is pretty similar to Twitter’s new update. Try also Tweetbot for a solid (though filter-free) Twitter interface.

Deepworld (iPad) (Free)

What’s it about? Players of Deepworld enter a multiplayer 2-D side-scrolling world, in which they need to gather resources to create objects they can use to fight off enemies and build structures.

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What’s cool? Being a massively multiplayer game, Deepworld is always connected to the Internet and the cloud. It’s easy to jump into the game and join friends as they search for resources and battle various monsters. The game is similar to PC and console favorites Minecraft and Terraria, in which the goal is more to explore and create than it is to beat levels or destroy bosses. You’ll explore mines and mountains, and craft a huge number of items, all of which have a steampunk theme.

Who’s it for? If you like games in which building and finding stuff is just as important (or maybe more so) than killing stuff, give Deepworld a try. And bring some friends.

What’s it like? For a 3-D take on the experience, there’s also the Minecraft mobile adaptation, Minecraft – Pocket Edition.

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