New iPhone apps worth downloading: FreshBooks Cloud Accounting, Neil Diamond HD (iPad), Ham on the Run!

Aug 28, 2012

Here are three great iPhone apps to enjoy. FreshBooks Cloud Accounting is already a popular web-based accounting service, so the release of a dedicated iPhone app for the service is most welcome. We’ve also got Neil Diamond HD, a fantastic iPad musical extravaganza dedicated to the hugely popular singer. Finally, there’s Ham on the Run! a one-touch endless runner which is addictive, colorful and features a darn cute pig.

FreshBooks Cloud Accounting (Free)

What’s it about? FreshBooks, an easy-to-use cloud accounting system, now has a dedicated iPhone app.

What’s cool? Designed with small businesses and freelancers in mind, FreshBooks offers a simple and straightforward way to keep track of expenses, create invoices or bill clients. All your activity is saved to the cloud so your data is accessible wherever you are on any device you’re using. FreshBooks also prides itself on offering exemplary customer service if you have questions. The app is free, and the service is also free to try for 30 days.

Who is it for? With 5 million people already using FreshBooks, it’s clear many of them are going to be very happy to see a dedicated iPhone app available. Anyone who finds accounting intimidating should find the app intuitive, so for new business owners or freelancers, it may prove a breath of fresh air.

What’s it like? Apps like are certainly helpful when managing your finances, but don’t offer the accounting prowess of FreshBooks. Still, other accounting apps exist like GoPayment, Shoeboxed and iXpenseIt if you need something to compare it to.

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Neil Diamond HD (iPad, $4.99)

What’s it about? Hello again! The legendary singer now his very own, official iPad app and it’s full of juicy multimedia content.

What’s cool? Neil Diamond HD offers over 20 full-length greatest hits and an hour of app-exclusive audio commentary, both of which make it more than worthy of your five bucks. There are also dozens of never-before-seen photos, plus an entire digital library of concert tour books available for in-app purchase. With an extensive biography, tour info, wallpaper and social media connectivity, fans of the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer should get plenty of enjoyment from this one.

Who is it for? Fans, of course! You’re getting 20 of the legends greatest hits for probably less than you pay for an entire album, and plenty more to boot. But you know, fans of great iPad design might get a kick out of Neil Diamond HD, too. It’s a beautifully designed and presented app.

What’s it like? There’s a non-HD iPhone version available from the same development team for a mere $2.99. There are no other Neil Diamond apps in the iTunes App Store, so here’s your chance.

Ham on the Run! (Free)

What’s it about? Pigs! Pigs running really fast! OK, just one pig, the unfortunately-named Ham, who just loves to run and collect power-ups and boosters along the way.

What’s cool? Taking its cue from other endless runners, Ham on the Run! is a charming title with simple, one-touch controls, and more than a passing nod to popular titles like Jetpack Joyride. Once again, the challenge/mission system keeps things fresh and ensures that “just one more try” mentality. The game’s cute and colorful graphics also make it appealing.

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Who is it for? Endless runner fans will get a kick out of Ham on the Run! Its quality production values make it a cut above many of its peers. In-app purchases are available to move things along, but they’re never overtly pushed on you, which is refreshing.

What’s it like? Did we already mention Jetpack Joyride? Of course we did. But let’s be honest here, an endless runner that can be discussed in the same breath as one of our all-time favorites, certainly has good pedigree and is worth checking out.

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