New iPhone apps worth downloading: Foodily, Wake Up Babe – Alarm Clock, Mystery Math Town

Jul 2, 2013

Find cool recipes to make for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday with Foodily’s newly released iPad version. It’s our first app worth downloading today, and lets you find and share cool recipes and follow chefs and celebrities to see what they like making. Wake Up Babe – Alarm Clock is our next app, which you might not need for a few days. Still, it’s a cool app that lets you record voices as your new wake-up calls. Finally, Mystery Math Town challenges kids to unlock a story and explore a town by solving math problems and puzzles.

Foodily (iPad) (Free)

What’s it about? Share recipes with friends, family and other people passionate about food with Foodily.

What’s cool? Foodily is like a digital recipe box that you can share with other people. The app lets you find and save recipes from all over the Internet, including all your favorite food and recipe sites, and then organizes them so their easy to find and use. More than that, though, the app adds social features like the ability follow friends, celebrity chefs and authors and see their favorite recipes, and to access different recipe collections to find new things to try. Foodily was previously available on iPhone, but now has a dedicated iPad app for users of larger devices, as well.

Who’s it for? If you like trying new recipes and sharing the ones you like, check out Foodily.

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What’s it like? Check out AllRecipes and Epicurous to help find more great recipes to enjoy.

Wake Up Babe – Alarm Clock (Free)

What’s it about? Create your own customized alarms with Wake Up Babe, an alarm clock app that lets you record your own audio.

What’s cool? The standard alarms on your iOS device are nice, but they’re not what everyone needs to wake up in the morning. Wake Up Babe is an alarm clock designed to give you more choices about what gets you up in the morning, allowing you to record voices that’ll be more motivating and even mix in music in the background. You can also choose from a number of voices or music samples pre-recorded in the app, or add your own as you see fit.

Who’s it for? Anyone who needs something other than alarm bells or a song playing to wake up might try Wake Up Babe.

What’s it like? You might get some better sleep with alarm clock alternatives Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock and iHome+Sleep.



Mystery Math Town ($2.99)

What’s it about? Kids solve math problems to work through puzzles and find hidden items in Mystery Math Town.

What’s cool? Mystery Math Town turns math practice into a game for kids, challenging them to answer math questions as they work through a strange town to find and rescue missing fireflies. Exploring through the town and unlocking doors to find out what’s behind them is done by answering various math questions, ranging from simple arithmetic to multiplication, and Mystery Math Town throws in additional puzzles that players have to solve with critical thinking as they explore. The game supports multiple user accounts, so more than one kid can use it, and reveals more of the story as players advance and succeed with their math questions.

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Who’s it for? Mystery Math Town is aimed at kids aged 6-12.

What’s it like? Grab Math Bingo and Math vs. Zombies for more fun educational experiences.

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