New iPhone apps worth downloading: Flip Flop – Text and Photos, Grepolis, Star Wars: Force Collection

Sep 5, 2013

Users looking to share some unique images will want to check out Flip Flop, our first app worth downloading today. It lets you add text to images and then flip that text horizontally or vertically, and you can flip the images, too – creating backwards, interesting visuals to share across social networks. We’ve also got Grepolis, a massively multiplayer strategy title that’s all about battling other players with armies you raise and cities you construct. Finally comes Star Wars: Force Collection, a collectible card game that requires players to build formidable decks to take on opponents.

Flip Flop – Text and Photos (Free)

What’s it about? Create and share photos and text that are flipped and reversed with Flip Flop.

What’s cool? There are several apps that let you add text to photos and share them across social networks in the iTunes App Store, but Flip Flop takes a unique position on how those text and photos should look. It literally allows you to flip text and photos horizontally, making them backwards (or mirror images), or vertically, inverting them. It’s a nifty little gimmick, and you can then share those images on Facebook or Twitter. Just be advised that you’ll need to pony up $0.99 in order to get full functionality, which includes access to photo-flipping.

Who’s it for? Fans of sharing images and text in a unique way should check out Flip Flop.

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What’s it like? Add more text to images with Text on Pictures and Phonto.


Grepolis – Divine Strategy MMO (Free)

What’s it about? Strategy title Grepolis has players building a civilization inspired by the Greek mythology, starting with one city and eventually creating an empire.

What’s cool? Strategy MMOs have players building bases and cities, and raising armies of units to battle other players. In Grepolis, you’ll raise armies of units taken from Greek mythology, and create cities of various types of buildings in order to create new units and research new technologies. Your goal is to create an empire, and you can ally with other players to win battles and utilize powerful magic spells from the gods as well.

Who’s it for? If you like strategy games that are focused on multiplayer, check out Grepolis.

What’s it like? Try Empire Online and Lords & Knights for a couple more fun strategy MMOs.



Star Wars Force Collection (Free)

What’s it about? Star Wars Force Collection is a collectible card game in which players build decks of cards representing heroes, vehicles and more to battle other players.

What’s cool? Battling other players in Star Wars Force Collection is a matter of planning and strategy. You’ll build a deck of cards of various heroes and vehicles from the first six movies in the series, and you can evolve your cards over time to make them more powerful. Star Wars Force Collection also lets users ally together to fight against stronger enemies within the game, and complete story events on different planets, as well – and of course, you’ll be able to pit your deck against other players’ from around the world.

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Who’s it for? Fans of Star Wars and strategic card games should check out Star Wars Force Collection.

What’s it like? You might also want to check out Ben 10 Slammers and Star Trek Rivals for more card game options.

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