New iPhone apps worth downloading: Fleksy – Happy Typing and Audiobooks for Audible updates, Yet Another Zombie Defense

Feb 26, 2013

Start your day with Fleksy – Happy Typing, a keyboard app that makes thumb typing easy with a powerful auto-correct feature. Following that is a big update to Audiobooks from Audible, an app that for listening to and navigating through your audiobooks. Finally, we’ve got Yet Another Zombie Defense, a twin-stick shooter with real-time strategy elements.

Fleksy – Happy Typing update (Free)

What’s it about? Keyboard app Fleksy makes typing with your thumbs a lot easier by providing an intuitive user interface design.

What’s cool? First, Fleksy’s keyboard is bigger and more intuitive than the iPhone’s. The keys are still in the same places as on a standard QWERTY keyboard, but gone are extra buttons like punctuation marks. The idea is that you should be able to thumb-type without looking. The second feature makes the first work even better: Fleksy packs a powerful autocorrect feature that’s sharper than the one native to Apple’s iOS platform, so even if you totally botch a word while typing, you’ll be able to continue uninhibited.

Who’s it for? If you type or text a lot on your iPhone and could use a better way to do it, try Fleksy.

What’s it like? For another cool take on the keyboard, try SWYPE.

Audiobooks for Audible update (Free)

What’s it about? The dedicated app for audiobook delivery service Audible brings books straight to your favorite iOS devices and makes finding new ones a snap.

What’s cool? Audible’s app is great for users who get a kick out of listening to rather than reading their books. Audiobooks for Audible is an audio book delivery service and offers a quick means of navigating through and listening to your audiobooks. The app makes transferring new books to your device faster over Wi-Fi and includes controls that let you skip around by chapter or through fast-forwarding. You can also leave bookmarks and multitask with the app, accessing other iOS features while you listen. Audiobooks’ latest redesign brings a new user interface to iPhone users and optimizes the app for the iPad as well.

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Who’s it for? If you’re an Audible subscriber and prefer listening to a book while commuting, working out, or traveling, set yourself up with the service.

What’s it like? Audiobooks Premium can deliver you thousands of public domain audiobooks, while Bookmark is a handy app for saving your place in things to which you’re listening.

Yet Another Zombie Defense ($0.99)

What’s it about? Yet Another Zombie Defense is a top-down twin-stick shooter that throws in the ability to buy strategic elements like turrets and crates to help you survive longer.

What’s cool? Despite its name, Yet Another Zombie Defense is actually more than most zombie twin-stick shooters. You control a character from a top-down perspective and blast zombies with one control stick and move around with the other. The game adds elements of real-time strategy as well, because as you kill zombies and earn money, you can buy things like crates for building walls, auto-turrets, and better weapons. As time goes on, the game becomes harder, so you’ll need to plan for each night of fighting off zombies by making adequate preparations.

Who’s it for? This one’s for zombie shooter and twin-stick shooter fans, especially those with a strategic mind.

What’s it like? Gun Bros. 2 also nails the twin-stick shooter vibe, and Brainsss puts players on the other side of the human-zombie conflict.

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