New iPhone apps worth downloading: FavorSpread, imo messenger update, Combo Crew

May 22, 2013

Today’s first app worth downloading is FavorSpread, an app that encourages users to be good samaritans. It lets you ask for and deliver favors for other users (potentially with some money changing hands) to help you get things done, and to help others. We’ve also got a big update for voice-over-Internet app imo messenger, which adds a new “Broadcast” feature, and Combo Crew, a game in which players brawl with baddies by swiping at the screen.

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FavorSpread (Free)

What’s it about? FavorSpread lets users ask for and provide one another with favors like moving stuff, creating a community of helping, either for free or with monetary compensation.

What’s cool? Users of FavorSpread band together to help do each other favors. You can page through what favors people need completed in the app, find ones that you might be able to help with, and respond to them through private messages. The app offers “Karma Badges” that you can earn for helping out to build credibility among other users, and PayPal integration allows you to offer compensation, and receive it, for favors as well. FavorSpread also lets you separate public and private listings for favors, too.

Who’s it for? If you like to help out others (or maybe make some extra money), or need help with something, try FavorSpread.

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What’s it like? Find more odd jobs to do with Gigwalk and Mobee.

imo messenger update (Free)

What’s it about? Voice call app imo messenger lets you message users over your Internet connection, sending photos, text messages and voice calls.

What’s cool? Skipping over using your minutes and text messages to contact people is one of the cool things about apps, and imo messenger allows you the ability to contact other users in a number of different, handy ways. The app lets you make voice calls and send voice IM messages, and you can also share photos and video clips through it as well. With its new update, imo adds a “Broadcasts” feature that brings you information and feeds from other users and friends that interests you.

Who’s it for? Users who want an alternative to contacting others through calls or SMS, or who want additional features, should try imo messenger.

What’s it like? You can also get Voice-Over-Internet call capabilities from Tango and ooVoo.

Combo Crew ($1.99)

What’s it about? Swipe to fight hordes of kung-fu trained bad guys in Combo Crew, an arena brawler that challenges you to make huge combos and pummel enemies with your quick reflexes.

What’s cool? Based somewhat on classic brawlers of the past, Combo Crew is all about smacking down enemies and building huge combos, while avoiding incoming attacks. The game gets rid of the need to move around the screen and leaves you to concentrate on the fighting – you swipe to execute attacks, hold to charge stronger ones, tap to counter bad guys preparing to strike you and use two fingers to execute brutal combo moves. The idea is to take out all the enemies while avoiding damage, mostly by having quick reflexes and reading your opponents before they can fight back.

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Who’s it for? Players who like old-school brawlers, fast action and a lot of swiping should check out Combo Crew.

What’s it like? Developer The Game Bakers’ previous titles, Squids and Squids Wild West, are also worth your attention.

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