New iPhone apps worth downloading: Facetune update, TWiT Pro, Fading Fairytales

Sep 30, 2013

Everyone’s favorite profile picture editor just got a huge overhaul, and a new big brother. Facetune has come out with a new version for iOS 7, alongside Facetune for iPad. We’ve also got relaunched, updated version of TWiT in TWiT Pro, for all of your technology news. Finally, one of the most novel, charming strategy games of the year comes out, and it’s called Fading Fairytales.

Facetune update ($2.99)

What’s it about? The most popular profile picture editor has finally reached a 2.0 update, with all the bells and whistles you would expect.

What’s cool? In this digital age of photoshop perfect pictures in every magazine and on every site, it’s only fair that average Joes and Janes of the world can even the odds by having pictures just as artificial, should they so choose. Facetune has always let you edit your profile pics in tons of ways, with photo enhancements, face structure shaping, digital make-up application, blemish removal, and more. Version 2 brings menu redesign, new filters, frames, textures, and tones, demo phones to practice on, plus redesigned share and help screens to better assist you every step of the way. Don’t forget the new iPad version!

Who’s it for? People who want that perfect social networking profile pic.

What’s it like? A similar app is the Picture Perfect Photo Editor. Just for having fun with eyes, you can try EyeTuner.

TWiT Pro ($0.99)

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What’s it about? An all new version of the popular technology news app, loaded with new features to enjoy.

What’s cool? Formed from the ashes of the old Tech TV, with many of the same people at the helm, TWiT Pro is one of the best online tech news sources around. Filmed out of a real studio, you can stream live episodes, queue up and download old episodes, and even chat with other users while streaming to airplay. There is an older version of the TWiT app, but this new version has been redesigned for iOS 7. It’s a bit buggy as a new release, but you can reliably count on the developers to bring us some solid updates.

Who’s it for? People who want a comprehensive, professional news show for their tech news.

What’s it like? iGeeky and Appy Geek are two other great options.

Fading Fairytales (Free)

What’s it about? After a mysterious dark force corrupts and twists several famous fairy tale characters, it’s up to you to save the world in this strategy title.

What’s cool? Robin Hood, Pinocchio, Red Riding Hood, and so many others are in grave peril or turning evil in this massive fairy tale crossover world from Dodream and Crescent Moon Games. Not only does this game have a great premise and plotline, it’s actually a really fun, surprisingly deep strategy game. The turn based combat is simple to pick up and play, taking place on a sidescrolling grid pathway, but offers a lot of complexity with lots of equipment and skills to unlock. This is one of those great, novel games that puts a twist on a popular genre and shows that there are still some pretty original ideas out there.

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Who’s it for? Strategy fans, fairy tale fans, people who love novel ideas and worlds.

What’s it like? It’s in the vein of Battleheart or Battleloot Adventure

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