New iPhone apps worth downloading: Evernote Hello update, Jam.It, Dingle Dangle

Feb 6, 2013

You can use Evernote Hello the next time you’re at a meeting with people you’ve only just met, as it keeps track of all the information you need when networking. We’ve also got, a music app about combining tracks to make new songs, and Dingle Dangle, a casual arcade game similar to the claw game from the arcades, but with tilting.

Evernote Hello update (Free)

What’s it about? When meeting new people, Evernote Hello can keep them organized, save their contact information, and make notes about where you met them and how they’re connected to you.

What’s cool? Evernote Hello simplifies professional and personal networking. The app organizes the people you’ve met and the pictures you’ve taken with them into a “timeline,” and allows you to save all the contact info and other pertinent information from a meeting. Evernote Hello’s new redesign adds the ability to scan business cards and connect to new people’s Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Who’s it for? Businesspeople who meet lots of folks through networking will likely find Evernote Hello very helpful.

What’s it like? Groups and Smartr Contacts both make it easier to keep track of the people you meet and the information stored in your iOS device. ($4.99)

What’s it about? Music app lets you see how music comes together, breaking down songs into their individual tracks to highlight specific instruments or voices, and create some of your own.

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What’s cool? is a music app for musical people, and in addition to being able to individually listen to tracks, you can also create new ones by mixing and matching different elements. The app includes music in a number of categories and once you create a track, you can share it with others for more musical collaboration. The app also includes a number of editing tools to help you alter music to make something new and creative.

Who’s it for? Musicians looking for a tool to mess with digital music will get some use out of

What’s it like? Try studio.M and NanoStudio for more powerful music editing capabilities.

Dingle Dangle ($0.99)

What’s it about? Dingle Dangle is not unlike the claw games from arcades. It has players lowering a rope into the earth to pull out cute, furry creatures called dingles, which can stick to one another to allow you to pull out more of them.

What’s cool? Each level of Dingle Dangle requires quick, precise movements and critical thinking. Dingles live in holes in the ground, and you only have a limited amount of rope with which to reach them. That means you’ll need to get dingles to stick together to get the ones beyond your grasp, and navigate the holes by tilting your device back and forth. You’re scored by whether you can get all the dingles in a stage, and how quickly you can do it.

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Who’s it for? If you like simple but engaging arcade titles, you’ll dig Dingle Dangle.

What’s it like? Both Rope Rescue and Cut The Rope will give you more rope-based physics action and puzzles.

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