New iPhone apps worth downloading: eMusic Infinite Explorations, National Geographic Birds update, The Walking Dead: Assault

Dec 3, 2012

First up, eMusic Infinite Explorations produces suggestions of tracks you might like, based on the artists you already enjoy. National Geographic Birds is next, providing birdwatchers with tons of information about various North American species. Finally, there’s the zombie-hunting game The Walking Dead: Assault, based on the hit comic series.

eMusic Infinite Explorations (Free)

What’s it about? The goal of eMusic is to help you use artists, songs and albums you like to find new ones.

What’s cool? The app lets you input the name of an artist, and then it starts generating suggestions. You’ll start to see similar artists and their albums, and you can then start listening to samples of songs. As you move through the list, you can favorite albums that appeal to you or even purchase them altogether through iTunes.

Who’s it for? Music fans looking to discover new stuff will find eMusic pretty helpful.

What’s it like? For other handy music discovery apps, try Hitlantis and Timbre.

National Geographic Birds: Field Guide to North America update ($9.99)

What’s it about? Just as the name suggests, National Geographic put together a digital guide to all the bird species living in North America, transforming your iPhone or iPad into a compendium of information that’s great to take with you into the outdoors.

What’s cool? The amount and accessibility of information in National Geographic Birds is kind of astonishing. The app was completely redesigned in this update, and covers 995 species of birds living in North America. The app’s search capabilities help you find birds you’re seeing in the wild, a journal section for keeping track of key information for birdwatchers, and a lot more useful information, including a guide to birder ethics and useful gear. The app even includes a number of bird calls you can use while you’re out.

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Who’s it for? The app is specifically geared toward birders, but anyone with an interest in North American birds should take a look.

What’s it like? Find another digital field guide in iBird Yard, and more outdoors info in National Parks by National Geographic.

The Walking Dead: Assault ($1.99)

What’s it about? Based on the popular The Walking Dead graphic novel series, The Walking Dead: Assault is something of a tactical game that puts players in control of the story’s characters, on a quest to take down zombies.

What’s cool? The Walking Dead: Assault does a really great job of capturing the art style of the comic books – it is, in fact, the official app of the comic series. The goal is for players to wander around each level, taking down zombies. You’ll need to think about how you do so in order to keep your team alive, and as you add more characters, you’ll be able to control them for the best tactical advantage. You can use different weapons, but guns cause a lot of noise and cost ammo, and you’ll be forced to look for supplies as you go around each level. You’re scored on how well your characters survive and how fast you can complete each stage.

Who’s it for? This is a quality title for fans of The Walking Dead, and anyone who likes their games with a tactical edge.

What’s it like? Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: The Game offers a more story-driven approach to the franchise, while iQuiz: The Walking Dead is more about the hit TV show.

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