New iPhone apps worth downloading: update, Apple Memory, Pivvot

Aug 20, 2013

Like to draw? You’ll want to check out today’s first app worth downloading,, then. The app brings users tools for drawing on their touchscreen devices, along with social sharing capabilities that make browsing through other people’s drawings quick and easy. We’ve also got Apple Memory, a memorization game that’s great for all ages, and Pivvot, a casual title in which players have to carefully dodge obstacles as they move along a track. update (Free)

What’s it about? Make use of a variety of drawing tools to create images you can share with others using

What’s cool? is a social drawing app that provides users with the means of creating works of art using their iOS devices. You can access a number of drawing tools in the app, from virtual brushes to pens and pencils, in order to create your drawings that you only need a finger to make. When you’re finished, includes a host of sharing options, allowing you to save your work to your Camera Roll or quickly post it to places such as Facebook or Tumblr. You can also browse through the work of other users to see what they’re creating.’s latest update has made the app universal and added the ability to share on Tumblr, along with fixing a few bugs to make the experience work better overall.

Who’s it for? If you like to draw and awn to join a community of other social iOS artists, check out

What’s it like? Other great drawing apps include Drawing Pad and Whiteboard Lite, which also includes a social component.

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Apple Memory (Free)

What’s it about? Challenge your memorization skills with Apple Memory, a simple, family oriented game about remembering the placement of various objects behind flash cards.

What’s cool? If you’ve ever played the game “Memory,” you have an idea of what Apple Memory is all about. The app presents users with a grid full of flash cards, and in each level shows them what image is found on each card, before flipping them over and challenging the player to remember them. Each level is timed, so your goal is to clear the cards by making matches as quickly as you can. Apple Memory includes several difficulty levels geared at different age groups and memorization abilities, and tracks your scores against players all over the world with the help of Game Center leaderboards.

Who’s it for? Apple Memory is great for players of all ages, thanks to its various difficulty levels.

What’s it like? Check out Lumosity Mobile and Memory Matches for more great memory enhancing activities.

Pivvot ($2.99)

What’s it about? Guide shapes along a track littered with obstacles in Pivvot, a casual title with a minimalist style.

What’s cool? Dodging stuff in your way is the only objective in casual title Pivvot. You control a small particle that’s moving along a track, and towing behind it a circle. Using two buttons on your screen, you can move the circle either left or right in a circle around the particle, and you’ll need to get it out of the way of various shapes you encounter littered along the track. Things get hairy as Pivvot adds more and more obstacles of different types to dodge, like spinning pinwheels, rotating blocks and spiky walls. Each shape has a different dodging strategy to go with it, so Pivvot starts to engage your memory skills as much as your quick reflexes before too long. Along with a great soundtrack and a slick, minimal design, Pivvot is the kind of easygoing game that’s addictive, but still great for killing a few minutes.

Who’s it for? If you enjoy casual games that you can play for a couple of minutes at a time, but which still reward skill, check out Pivvot.

What’s it like? A lot of the same kinds of skills come into play in Super Hexagon.

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