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New iPhone apps worth downloading:,, Crafty Creatures

Sep 24, 2012

Here are three great iPhone apps to download. from The Documentary Network gathers hundreds of great documentary films to view for free. enables people to gather all the tweets, photos or video around a single event automatically. Finally, we’ve got Crafty Creatures, a fun new puzzle game from Chillingo which is creative as well as challenging. (Free)

What’s it about? Like its accompanying website, the app lets you watch hundreds of quality documentaries for free.

What’s cool? The app aggregates and curates free/available documentary films so there’s no need to browse different TV-channels or websites. The content within the app and on the website is generated by thousands of professional content producers and TV stations who provide their films on the Internet for free. You can search by topic or category or add favorites for watching later.

Who is it for? The app is good for people who are a little tired of regular TV programming. The app is educational too, providing viewers with deeper insight and a new perspective on certain topics. The Documentary Network is also good for filmmakers themselves to promote their work or share their ideas with others.

What’s it like? There are a few other good apps out there for watching factual shows and documentaries like Smithsonian Channel, NFB Films (from the National Film Board of Canada) and SnagFilms. (Free)

What’s it about? Life is made up of moments, so why not capture all your pictures, videos and tweets around a single event within an app?

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What’s cool? does most of the work. All you need to do is give it access to your accounts and it presents a cool panoramic display for you. Right now, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ are supported. Hopefully, they’ll add more services in the future. There is also access to “trending moments” from across the globe and you have full control on what gets shared so certain moments can be carefully edited, if necessary.

Who is it for? The app is a great way to gather all the social networking services you may use in one place, so it’s easy to keep up with all of them from a single source. It’s especially handy for people who need to organize all the tweets, photos or video around a single event like a conference or wedding.

What’s it like? The app bears some similarities to Flock – Photos Together, though that’s mainly about images, or Jolicloud which also gathers photos, tweets and more from a large number of services.

Crafty Creatures ($0.99)

What’s it about? This new game from Chillingo not only lets you solve puzzles but also allows you to create and share your very own creatures and levels.

What’s cool? In the ready-made levels, you need to join together creatures using quick reactions and lateral thinking. There are 50 physics-based levels spread over five unique worlds. More interesting is the ability to make your own creatures and new levels and share them with the rest of the world.

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Who is it for? This is a great game for people who love to design their own puzzles as much as solve them. It’s good for kids and families with its colorful graphics, and cute craft-based cloth characters and buttons. What’s it like? Some other fun puzzlers that let you build your own levels include JellyCar 2 and Chuck’s Challenge.

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