New iPhone apps worth downloading: Disney Junior Appisodes, Touchfit: GSP, Garden of Fear

Apr 17, 2013

Set your young kids up with Disney programming on your iOS devices with Disney Junior Appisodes. It provides shows from the Disney Junior lineup, but they’re more than just TV shows – they’re interactive entertainment specifically designed for mobile devices. Touchfit: GSP is next, using the training of MMA World Champion Georges St-Pierre to help users get into shape. Finally, horror game Garden of Fear puts you in a labyrinth that you have to find your way through with only a flashlight and the knowledge that there’s a creature hunting you.

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Disney Junior Appisodes (Free)

What’s it about? Disney brings full episodes from its Disney Junior programming for pre-schoolers to your iOS devices, allowing users to watch full, interactive episodes.

What’s cool? Disney Junior’s programming brings shows like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to your iOS devices, allowing you to stream full episodes of different shows that are specifically geared toward a pre-school audience. Even better, the “appisodes” Disney Junior offers aren’t just regular TV shows – they’re interactive versions specifically designed for iPhones and iPads, and there are additional activities that kids can enjoy as well.

Who’s it for? Disney Junior is specifically for pre-school kids, so this one’s great for parents as well.

What’s it like? Try the Watch Disney Junior app and Jake’s Never Land Pirate School for more Disney Junior.

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Touchfit: GSP ($6.99)

What’s it about? MMA World Champion Georges St-Pierre lends his fitness expertise to Touchfit, providing more than 500 exercises to help you reach your fitness goals.

What’s cool? Touchfit: GSP packs more than 500 video exercises to help you lose weight, get in shape and increase your fitness, providing users a tailored fitness plan that meets their needs and helps them stay motivated along the way.  Touchfit helps out by monitoring your fitness progress along the way, and uses the training regimen utilized by St-Pierre, as well as nutrition guides, supplement suggestions, and injury recovery information – everything you need to get in shape or increase your fitness.

Who’s it for? Anybody who hopes to get in better shape (and is a fan of Georges St-Pierre) can find a lot of use in Touchfit: GSP.

What’s it like? More fitness info and options are available through Livestrong Calorie Tracker and Nike + Running.

Garden of Fear ($0.99)

What’s it about? Horror title Garden of Fear puts players in a darkened first-person maze that they have to find their way through, while being hunted by something hidden in the shadows.

What’s cool? Garden of Fear keeps things simple. Players have a flashlight with limited (but recharging) battery, several pieces of charcoal that can be used to mark where they’ve been, and not much else. Your goal is to find the correct door to leave the labyrinth, but each wrong door sends you back to the center – so you’ll have to mark the ones you’ve tried to eliminate them. While you’re finding your way, you’ll have to quickly hide to avoid a creature that can be heard stalking through the dark behind you.

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Who’s it for? If you enjoy horror titles, Garden of Fear will put some dread into your iOS game library.

What’s it like? Check out Eyes – the horror game and Dead Space for a couple of other frightening games.

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