New iPhone apps worth downloading: Directr update, Where’s My Water? 2, Dead Effect

Sep 12, 2013

If you ever wanted to feel like a real filmmaker using only your iPhone, the latest Directr overhaul is here to help you do just that. We’ve also got an official sequel to one of the biggest game franchises on the App Store, Where’s My Water? 2. For less family friendly gaming, we have a lovely zombie horror shooter set on a space ship in Dead Effect.

Directr update (Free)

What’s it about? A video making app focused on storytelling and easy use, Directr is one of the most elegant video editors around.

What’s cool? With plenty of neat and creative features like storyboards, QuickRecord mode, the ability to trim and caption scenes, add audio, soundtracks, and more, Directr is one of the most impressive video editing apps on mobile. The app wants you to think of your video projects somewhat seriously, with a myriad of features that push you towards good storytelling. It recently re-launched with its big 2.0 update, which brought a total overhaul in the design, faster rendering speeds, and so much more. Maybe it won’t make you the next Scorsese, but it’s still a great app.

Who’s it for? People interested in film making on any level using only their iPhone.

What’s it like? There are a few other video editing apps on the App Store, such as iMovie or Magisto – Magical Video Editor.


Where’s My Water? 2 (Free)

What’s it about? After a smattering of fun spin-offs, the darling puzzler from Disney Where’s My Water? finally gets an official sequel, and this time It’s free.

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What’s cool? After so many spin-offs (Where’s My Mickey?/Perry? to name a couple) we finally join Swampy in another adventure, and this time he’s not alone. His friends Allie and Cranky are along for the ride as well. There are all new ‘Challenge Modes’ to check out, plus all kinds of brand new power-ups and boosters, including gravity manipulating fun. The gameplay and art are better than ever, but there are some snags. There is now an energy system, as in freemium, that blocks you from play unless you spend real money, plus incessant Facebook connectivity nagging. Still, you can’t really skip this one, can you?

Who’s it for? Fans of adorable physics puzzlers, sewer alligators, and the first game.

What’s it like? Where’s My Water? of course. Diggin’ Dogs also has you digging dirt for the purposes of puzzle solving.


Dead Effect ($3.99)

What’s it about? After awakening from cryo sleep on your ship, you soon find that the rest of the crew are brain hungry zombies!

What’s cool? A brand new first person shooter from inDev Brain and BulkyPix, you might think from looking at it that this is just Dead Trigger in space. But you’d be so wrong! This is a lengthy, well made, better than expected space horror shooter. There are no in-app purchases or freemium elements of any kind, and no multiplayer. Just a focused single player experience that is really quite good, and even creepy at times. It is a very high tech reliant game, and will require and iPhone 4S/iPad 2 or higher to run, sadly. But I can easily recommend this one.

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Who’s it for? Hardcore gamers who want more complete, console quality mobile games.

What’s it like? Dead Trigger is another popular zombie shooter. For more horror on a space ship, check out the official Dead Space for mobile.

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