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New iPhone apps worth downloading: Dinosaur Train Mesozoic Math Adventures, Kapu Tickle Toy Camera, King Oddball

Oct 1, 2012

Here are three great iPhone apps to enjoy. PBS Kids unleashed another of their popular Dinosaur Train apps into the iTunes App Store, this time to help children learn basic math and science skills. Kapu Tickle Toy Camera is also an app aimed at little ones combining old-fashioned games like peek-a-boo with modern camera technology. Finally, we’ve got King Oddball, a fun and challenging physics puzzler with a very peculiar protagonist.

Dinosaur Train Mesozoic Math Adventures ($2.99, iPad only)

What’s it about? This fun new app from PBS Kids makes it easy for kids to grasp early math and science skills.

What’s cool? Heck, dinosaurs are always fun. The app contains a number of games which develop math skills including counting, sequencing and statistical problem-solving. It also helps youngsters explore life sciences vocabulary and concepts. Along the way, three dinosaurs called Buddy, Tiny and Don accompany app users

Who is it for? It’s a great app for kids as well as being both fun and educational. The different sections build different skills such as basic biology and life cycles, statistical problem-solving, ways to collect, organize, and present data and new vocabulary skills.

What’s it like? PBS Kids has a wide range of excellent educational apps in the iTunes App Store also featuring the dinos. Dinosaur Train Eggspress is a fun matching game which also helps kids learn about dinosaurs, while Dinosaur Train Camera Catch! helps children with matching skills through photography.

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Kapu Tickle Toy Camera (Free)

What’s it about? Talking of photography, Kapu Tickle Toy Camera is a fun toy for kids which combines classic games with modern technology.

What’s cool? There’s no learning curve with this great app. Its intuitive controls mean something is always happening. You can tickle characters and make them laugh, change one into another by pulling its string, or turn yourself (and your child) into one of the characters using the camera. With no time limits or difficulty levels, it’s just a fun way for kids to explore and learn.

Who is it for? Your iPhone or iPad is probably both precious and essential, so Kapu Tickle Toy Camera offers kids a nice way to learn photography basics that’s both safe and fun. It encourages kids to move around and explore their environment and as photos are not saved to your camera roll (and there’s no geotagging) parents can feel safe.

What’s it like? Kapu Tickle Toy Camera is also available as an HD version for kids lucky enough to have access to an iPad.

King Oddball ($0.99)

What’s it about? King Oddball is full of fun physics-based puzzles featuring a peculiar king who swings a boulder back and forth using his extremely long tongue. Yep, you read that right.

What’s cool? Though the game features simple, one-tap gameplay (his tongue swings the boulder and you tap to release it), it’s still challenging and features a bizarre and quirky premise to keep things interesting. There are more than 120 levels and plenty of secrets to unlock, and you’ll need to anticipate how the boulders roll or bounce to succeed.

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Who is it for? Fans of physics-based puzzles will enjoy King Oddball. It’s great for casual gamers because of its simple controls, but increasingly challenging for puzzle buffs as you take advantage of explosives and collapsing structures.

What’s it like? There’s certainly an Angry Birds element to the game, what with its fling-based physics mechanics. But King Oddball definitely has its own quirky vibe and 10tons Ltd (the game’s developer) has a good pedigree with titles like Azkend 2, Boom Brigade 2 and Grim Joggers.

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