New iPhone apps worth downloading: Digisocial, Skimn, Growtopia

Jan 16, 2013

Today’s haul of apps worth downloading starts with the relaunched Digisocial, a social networking app that combines Instagram-style photo filters with voice memos. Next up is Skimn, an RSS reader for iPad users. Lastly, Growtopia takes players into a 2-D world in which they can work together to build stuff.

Digisocial (Free)

What’s it about? With a focus on combining pictures with voice recordings, Digisocial is a social network that lets users share the experiences of their lives.

What’s cool? Digisocial is a lot like other social networking apps, such as Instagram or Twitter, in that it allows you to take and share photos. Like those other apps, it also includes photo filters to make your images extra snazzy. To set the app apart, Digisocial offers users the ability to record voice memos along with their images, for adding context to the memory captured before sharing. Since it already includes photos and voice, the app also allows you to send them together as messages to your friends and Contacts.

Who’s it for? Social networkers looking for something more involved than Instagram will enjoy Digisocial.

What’s it like? As mentioned, you’ll get similar fun from Instagram and Twitter’s updated photo filters.

Skimn (iPad) (Free)

What’s it about? Skimn is an easy to use RSS feed app with a slick, minimalist interface.

What’s cool? Trolling through RSS feeds on your iPad can be tough with an app that doesn’t effectively use the device’s screen size. Skimn takes an uncluttered approach, keeping things as simple and easy to read as possible. You can quickly skip between feeds using the app’s slide gesture control, search through your feeds for specific items, and switch the app between day and night viewing. Skimn also supports sharing articles across Facebook and Twitter.

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Who’s it for? Skimn is for users who spend a lot of time skimming through RSS feeds.

What’s it like? A few other great iPad RSS apps are Pulse News and Flipboard.

Growtopia (Free)

What’s it about? Side-scrolling massively multiplayer online title Growtopia is all about building things with other people in a huge online world.

What’s cool? Taking a page from games such as Minecraft and Terraria, Growtopia is a game that’s mostly about “crafting.” That is, you gather up resources from in the game world such as seeds and minerals you mine from the ground, and use them to build tools and structures. Different seeds grow different plants, which in turn give off different materials, so exploring and finding the right materials is key to building the things you want. The game is online-only, which means you’ll play it with other people across a Wi-Fi or cellular Internet connection, and you can work together to build things in Growtopia’s persistent worlds.

Who’s it for? Players who like playing online with others and testing their creative skills should enjoy what Growtopia has to offer.

What’s it like? The well-known Minecraft – Pocket Edition is an obvious choice for players looking for more chances to build in a digital world.

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