New iPhone apps worth downloading: update, HugBot, Cypress Inheritance

Feb 8, 2013

The proud parents of babies and younger kids should start their week with, a shopping app fully optimized for iPad that can get you all the baby supplies you need. We’ve also got HugBot, a Mad Libs-esque message sender, and Cypress Inheritance, a 3-D action-puzzle game in which you explore a mansion filled with irritable robots. update (Free)

What’s it about? Baby supply store’s iOS app was optimized for iPad, and has also enhanced existing features.

What’s cool? has all your baby supplies covered, from diapers (obviously) to formula, nursing supplies, and even toys for babies and infants. You can shop from anywhere with an Internet connection, and lets you search the site, track orders, and check out your account and past purchases. The app’s new update enhances the shopping experience with product videos.

Who’s it for? Parents, can help remove some of the stress from your new life.

What’s it like? You might also try Babies “R” Us Shopping and Target for more baby shopping needs.

HugBot ($2.99)

What’s it about? HugBot is a set of semi-romantic Mad Libs, allowing users to make novelty messages out of pre-existing phrases.

What’s cool? It doesn’t take much to create some goofy messages with the help of HugBot. In fact, from start to finish it requires only five steps. You pick a starting phrase, fill in a name, and add something funny to conclude it. The message depends on your sense of humor, but it’s a fun way to interact with friends or someone special, especially with Valentine’s Day around the corner. The latest update to HugBot adds iPad support and more phrases.

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Who’s it for? HugBot is a good pick for adolescents and romantics who want to send “hug” messages to friends and crushes.

What’s it like? Bring some Mad Lib inspired action to your Facebook status with Funny Status Updater

Cypress Inheritance ($3.99)

What’s it about? A 3-D action-puzzle title built on the Unreal Engine, Cypress Inheritance sends you to a mansion controlled by artificial intelligence to find priceless paintings and fight off robots.

What’s cool? Cypress Inheritance is pretty slick-looking due to its Unreal Engine graphics. The premise of the title is intriguing, as you’ll fight off enemies with a mace and shield while simultaneously searching for paintings. Cypress Inheritance avoids being too bloody or gratuitously violent.

Who’s it for? Fans of adventure games and those who like 3-D worlds should take a look at exploring the Cypress mansion.

What’s it like? For more great graphics and engaging game worlds, try the Infinity Blade series and Horn.

Check out Cypress Inheritance’s game trailer here:

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