New iPhone apps worth downloading: Da MouthWasher, REON, Death Golf

Jan 15, 2013

Today’s first app worth downloading is for those who swear a lot. The Da MouthWasher app takes your swear words and converts them to something a less vulgar. We’ve also got networking app REON The Search Engine for Your Network, which simplifies finding social contacts, and Death Golf, a game in which you play golf while avoiding your untimely demise.

Da MouthWasher ($2.99)

What’s it about? A fairly funny novelty app, Da MouthWasher listens to your profanity-laden statements and produces a clean (and often hilarious) alternative.

What’s cool? If you’ve ever seen a movie censored on TV, you have an idea of what Da MouthWasher is all about. Great moments in overdubbing have produced hilarious versions of classic lines, like The Big Lebowski’s “See what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps, Larry?” You speak into the microphone on your iOS device, preferably saying something awful and profane, and Da MouthWasher spits out something squeaky clean that’s more mother-approved.

Who’s it for? If you’re constantly putting quarters in the swear jar, give Da MouthWashers a try. It makes for a nice loophole.

What’s it like? More fun with talking to your iPhone can be had with Talking Carl!.

REON The Search Engine for Your Network (Free)

What’s it about? REON helps you to search through your Contacts list and remember people you met and networked with through criteria other than their names.

What’s cool? Ever try to remember someone important you met, but couldn’t recall their name? REON helps find specific people from your Contacts list based on when you met them, or where the meeting took place. That way, you can recall important people with whom you networked even if their names escape you. The app also lets you plot addresses on a map, and create QR codes for sharing contact information.

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Who’s it for? If you do a lot of networking, REON might be helpful.

What’s it like? Other great apps for networking include Sonar: Nearby Friends and Skout.

Death Golf ($0.99)

What’s it about? Mixing imminent lethality with the precision of golf, Death Golf has players whacking at a ball, and then whacking bad guys with the club to protect themselves.

What’s cool? Death Golf puts players in a golf course from a top-down perspective, filled with traps, water hazards and other dangers. But the course isn’t just set up to screw up your strokes, it also threatens your very life as you walk to where your ball landed to hit it again. You not only have to perform in the game, you have to hurry to your ball without getting taken out along the way to earn maximum points on each swing. It adds a little action to golf.

Who’s it for? Players who want to pair their golf with fighting for their lives should try Death Golf.

What’s it like? Super Stickman Golf is another great iOS golfing title, as is Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12.

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