New iPhone apps worth downloading: Colorized and Tumblr updates, Chip Chain

Nov 9, 2012

Share your photos from the weekend with your friends using the updated version of today’s first fresh app, Colorized, and give them a chance to add their own artistic touch-ups. Tumblr also recently updated their app’s dashboard, adding lots of cool features to make blogging on the go a easier. Finally, check out Chip Chain if you want a challenging and fun take on match-three titles.

Colorized: Social Sketching and Coloring Book update (Free)

What’s it about? Colorized lets you alter photos to look like drawings, and then freely draw on them using your iOS device’s touchscreen. When you’re finished with your new work of art, you can share it with others, so they can make changes, too.

What’s cool? The huge update adds a number of new features that augment the “social” part Colorized. There’s a new search function, new tools and filters to apply to your photos, ranked lists of drawings from prolific Colorized users and popular subjects, and a new interface for sketching on your touchscreen. There are even more new features that have made it into the app that make using it easier and more fun.

Who’s it for? If sharing goofy things like your touchscreen drawings and photos with friends is something that sounds like a good time, Colorized is for you.

What’s it like? Caption It offers another way of letting people mess with each other’s photos.

Tumblr update (Free)

What’s it about? The blogging site’s mobile app allows users to update their Tumblrs from wherever they are, and a new update adds controls and other features.

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What’s cool? Tumblr’s app has a completely redesigned “dashboard” in its latest update, plus new gesture controls and views that make updating your own blog with images, videos and text easier. Browsing through and viewing other Tumblr blogs is now a nicer experience thanks to Tumblr’s redesign. It’s also easier to track your notifications in the new update.

Who’s it for? If you use Tumblr for a blog, you should definitely consider snagging or updating the app as well.

What’s it like? Blogging service WordPress also offers mobile app, as does Blogger.

Chip Chain (Free)

What’s it about? Puzzler Chip Chain is about scoring points by making chains. You do that by placing poker chips with matching numbers on them beside one another to make a group of three in a row. When you do that, you score for making the chain, and you’re left with a single chip of the next number up. The idea is to keep making chains, raising the value of your chips, to make chains of higher values.

What’s cool? For one, Chip Chain is a cool and fairly unique puzzler that riffs on the match-three genre by working in strategy. Where you place your own chips and where the results of each chain end up is key to scoring continuous points. You also have cards that let you make changes to the different chips, replacing them with others, or raising their values. Add to this the fact that random chips are added to the board all the time, often blocking up your plans, and you have a game that’s intellectually challenging.

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Who’s it for? Fans of match-three games should definitely give Chip Chain a look, as well as those who like puzzlers in the vein of Tetris.

What’s it like? Since we brought up Tetris anyway, that’s a great one to check out that requires similar thinking to Chip Chain. And of course, there’s Bejeweled, the gold standard of the match-three genre.

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