New iPhone apps worth downloading: Clone Booth, Flowboard update, Dark Manor

Jul 1, 2013

Today’s apps worth downloading start with Clone Booth, a novelty photo app that’s great for making fun images by taking the face from one person and “cloning” it on another. It’s perfect for creating impromptu alibis. Next up, we have Flowboard, an app that lets you marry different kinds of content to create stories and presentations, and just got a big update to add lots more kinds of content and other improvements to its repertoire. Finally, Dark Manor combines hidden object puzzles and a 1920s ghost story with a mansion management simulation.

Clone Booth ($0.99)

What’s it about? Photo app Clone Booth allows users to copy faces from one photo subject to another to make for some hilarious shots.

What’s cool? The simple premise of Clone Booth is the “cloning” of faces. That is, you can snap a photo of yourself, for example, and copy your face – and then replace other faces in another photo (or the same one) with that shot of you. The result is some goofy images in which multiple clones of a single person appear, in different positions, wearing different clothes, and so on. The app includes some editing tools to get the faces you want and apply them were you like, and when you’re done, you can save you images to your Camera Roll and share them through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Who’s it for? If you like creating goofy photos and possibly blackmailing your friends in hilarious ways, check out Clone Booth.

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What’s it like? Fatbooth and Aging Booth also allow for some fun photo manipulation.


Flowboard update (iPad) (Free)

What’s it about? Create presentations and tell stories using Flowboard, an app that lets you combine images, videos, text and music to help convey your ideas.

What’s cool? Part publishing platform and part presentation app, Flowboard is a way of telling stories and conveying ideas by allowing users to combine lots of different kinds of content in cool and compelling ways. The app lets you quickly add images, text, and other kinds of content to canvases, and then create a presentation of sorts out of the results, which you can share across social media platforms or save online and share with a URL. Flowboard’s newest update adds support for using YouTube videos and PDFs in your presentations, among a host of other cool new additions.

Who’s it for? Anyone who wants to present their content in interesting ways, be it for presentations or whatever, should check out Flowboard.

What’s it like? More presentation possibilities are available with Keynote and Share Board.

Dark Manor (Free)

What’s it about? Hidden object game Dark Manor tells a ghost story set in the bayou of the 1920s.

What’s cool? Dark Manor is a hidden object puzzle game, which means that players find themselves in virtual rooms, in which a number of items can be discovered, whether standing in plain sight or requiring a deeper look and a little bit of puzzle-solving. There’s also a mix of management simulation gameplay, as you’ll decorate and maintain your own mansion and be able to visit the mansions of friends as you work through the game and earn new stuff along the way.

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Who’s it for? Players who like adventure titles, puzzle games and management sims should find everything they enjoy in Dark Manor.

What’s it like? Check out The Room for more great puzzles in a similar vein to Dark Manor.

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