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New iPhone apps worth downloading: Circa News, Super Bunny Breakout

Oct 15, 2012

Here are a couple of iPhone apps to enjoy. Circa News offers a slick and thoughtfully designed way to read and consume the news on your iPhone which cuts through the fluff but ensure you stay reliably informed. We’ve also got Super Bunny Breakout, a new game from Zynga which was designed in collaboration with Atari and offers cute critters and physics puzzles galore.

Circa News (Free)

What’s it about? Circa News is a thoughtfully designed news experience built specifically for your iPhone.

What’s cool? The folks at Circa have created more than just another news app. Instead, they aim to present full articles (not just summaries) but broken down into easily-digested parts. The app lets you catch up quickly on the news while cutting out the fluff. You can choose which stories you’d like to follow and there’s additional coverage from Circa’s own editorial team who ensure all articles are sourced from reliable places.

Who is it for? With so many different news apps out there, Circa is designed to help people get access to important facts and deep coverage, but keeps thing easily navigable with its impressive, clean design.

What’s it like? Obviously, there are hundreds of other news apps out there, but many aggregators try and present the headlines in unique or interesting ways like Prismatic and Flipboard.

Super Bunny Breakout ($0.99)

What’s it about? Zynga have teamed up with Atari to bring you this game that mixes Breakout-style gameplay with physics-based puzzles.

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What’s cool? The game stars Rodney the bunny, whose main objective is to free other critters from cages at the Evil Animal Testing (EAT) labs. There are a bunch of mini-games to complete combining elements of block-breaking and physics puzzles over 40+ levels. There are five characters to unlock, and each critter has their own special attack. A bunch of different power-ups help keep things interesting.

Who is it for? Zynga’s probably onto a winner here, taking the best bits of the Breakout franchise and mixing it up with physics puzzles. It’s cute, addictive and fun. Naturally, there are in-app purchases for more coins because your ‘energy’ is limited and will run out over time, despite the 99 cents you pay off the bat.

What’s it like? There are already quite a few takes on the Breakout genre in the iTunes App Store, but admittedly not as cute as Super Bunny Breakout. Check out Anodia, Breakout Boost, Jet Ball and 3D Brick Breaker Revolution for more.

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