New iPhone apps worth downloading: Clipchat, Chisel, Runaway: A Road Adventure

Jun 11, 2013

The first notable game up for download today is fun new messenger Clipchat, which lets you share short video clips with your friends securely and hassle free. We’ve also got a fairly comprehensive note taking app for all you students called Chisel, and it’s quite intuitive. Finally, we go on an epic point and click adventure in Runaway: A Road Adventure, a 2001 classic from the some great adventure game developers who are still working today.

Clipchat (Free)

What’s it about? Send 5 second video clips of yourself or whatever crazy situation you’re in safely and securely to your friends.

What’s cool? Clipchat makes back and forth messaging fun and exciting again. You may only be limited to 5 second clips, but whether you just want to send quick messages and random hilarity to your friends, or a video of something a bit more private or embarrassing, Clipchat has you covered with pixilated previews, encrypted videos, and even a self destruct feature so that your vids can only be watched once. You can easily reply with a single tap, and the interface is generally elegant and well designed. People are unsurprisingly addicted to this new app, which is all about capturing those small special moments in life.

Who’s it for? Anyone who loves messaging their friends and isn’t very camera shy. Especially party goers.

What’s it like? This is essentially a video version of Snapchat, though it works much more smoothly.

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Chisel for iPad (Free)

What’s it about? If you have been looking for a good all in one note taking app, and you’ve got an iPad, Chisel has got you covered.

What’s cool? If you shy away from barbaric and archaic technology like paper and pens, but still have to take notes in class, Chisel is for you. With this iPad exclusive app, you can easily take text notes or make drawings, annotating your own notes or the PDF files that you can easily import. The idea is to be able to switch between tasks and find old notes intuitively and quickly. The latest updated added a great tutorial and help screen plus plenty of bug fixes and added functionality. The app is free, but you won’t get unlimited use out of it. For unlimited use, you’ll need to get the Chisel Premium in-app purchase for ten bucks.

Who’s it for? Students primarily, but I could easily see business men who attend lots of meetings getting some mileage out of this app too.

What’s it like? Scratch makes for great quick note taking too, while Penultimate has you covered on the drawing side of note taking.

Runaway: A Road Adventure ($4.99)

What’s it about? This point and click adventure game puts you up against the mob in an epic and unexpected adventure.

What’s cool? The first of a trilogy of Runaway games to be ported to iOS, A Road Adventure features Brian, a brilliant science student, as his life gets a major shake up after an incident with a stolen crucifix and the Mafia. It boasts well written and surprisingly engaging story and puzzles that aren’t very frustrating. Originally released in 2001, this game still holds up well today, and the visuals have even received a bit of an upgrade. But be warned that this app only works with newer devices, so check compatibility before buying.

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Who’s it for? Anyone who loves point and click adventure games, or just games with a good solid story.

What’s it like? Yesterday is a newer game developed by the same studio. The Broken Sword series is also similarly engaging.

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