New iPhone apps worth downloading: Chatty Guest, Charade Date, Shadow Vamp

Oct 7, 2013

Today’s Apps Worth Downloading starts with some social offerings for partygoers and singles alike. First is Chatty Guest, an app that lets guests at weddings and other parties interact with each other before, during and after an event; that’s followed by Charade Date, a dating app that encourages people to meet and get to know each other through the game of charades. On the games side, we’ve got Shadow Vamp, a top-down action-puzzler in which you play a vampire hiding from the sun during the day by sticking to shadows.

Chatty Guest (Free)

What’s it about? Chatty Guest provides wedding attendees, party guests and others the ability to interact with one another before, during and after parties.

What’s cool? With big, important parties like weddings and similar affairs, guests often are interested in doing more than just showing up. Chatty Guest provides the guests of different events a platform for them to interact, before, during and after an event. You can use Chatty Guest as an event host to invite your guests to talk, as well as to track RSVPs and send messages to event attendees. Guests can create smaller subgroups and interact with one another as much as they want once they’re invited to the group.

Who’s it for? Hosts of big events and guests of wedding and other parties can add even more sociability to their get-togethers with Chatty Guest.

What’s it like? For weddings, grab Wedding Party to allow guests to take and share photos.

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Charade Date (Free)

What’s it about? Dating app Charade Date combines a dating service and the game charades for a unique way to meet and connect with other singles.

What’s cool? Charade Date is, in a lot of ways, a standard dating app. Users can create profiles to tell others what they’re like, and view other singles’ profiles to find people they’re interested in meeting. But Charade Date changes things up one you’ve found someone to meet by adding a game to the proceedings. You can play turn-based games of charades with other users, acting out different clues in eight-second video bursts to share with others. You can also exchange chat messages with users you meet, and (when you’re ready) send along your contact information to people you want to meet.

Who’s it for? Users looking to meet new people in a different way should check out Charade Date.

What’s it like? You’ll find more dating possibilities with OkCupid Dating and Zoosk.

Shadow Vamp ($0.99)

What’s it about? Shadow Vamp is a 3-D top-down game in which players take on the role of a vampire who has to avoid deadly sunlight by staying in shadows.

What’s cool? The sun has risen in Shadow Vamp, and unfortunately, you’re a vampire who hasn’t managed to get inside to safety in time to avoid being cooked by its deadly rays. The good news, though, is that you can survive during the day as long as you aren’t hit by direct sunlight. Your goal in Shadow Vamp is to stick to the shade and avoid the sun, and to do that, you can actually rotate the world around you to create shadowy paths through Shadow Vamp’s levels. Over time, you can unlock new vampires with different abilities and replay levels for a higher score.

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Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of puzzlers with slick graphics and interesting gameplay twists, check out Shadow Vamp.

What’s it like? Check out action titles like Wild Blood and Horn for similar fantastical experiences.

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