New iPhone apps worth downloading: CC: Stand-Up, Bridgy Jones, 9th Dawn

Jun 13, 2013

Today’s new apps are all about entertainment, starting with the comedy stylings of a few hundred comedians. I’m talking about the new CC: Stand-Up app, which puts tons of stand-up comedy in your pocket for free. We’ve also got a couple games. One is a humorous bridge building physics puzzler, and the other is an epic and modern take on expansive RPG’s like Ultima.

CC: Stand-Up (Free)

What’s it about? A massive collection of stand-up comedy videos right at your fingertips, totally free, courtesy of comedy central.

What’s cool? Assuming you aren’t some kind of hate fueled alien, you probably love to laugh, and will likewise love this app. It boasts loads of clips and videos (No really, there are thousands of them) of your favorite stand-up comedians, all for free. You can even discover new comedians based on your tastes, or your favorite comedian’s favorite comedians. The app will even recommend clips based on a comedians most popular and side splitting acts. There are over 700 comedians featured here, which is kind of incredible.

Who’s it for? Any lover of stand-up comedy who wants to pull some laughs out of their pocket, literally, at any time.

What’s it like? For further laughs, you can check out other comedy central apps, like the Tosh.0 and Daily Show apps.

Bridgy Jones ($0.99)

What’s it about? A unique new bridge building physics puzzler from Chillingo, with plenty of humor and charm.

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What’s cool? It’s been a while since we’ve seen a really good bridge builder, and that is indeed what we have here. With only a few building materials and over thirty levels, it’s up to you to build some of the most creative and unique bridge contraptions around, helping Bridgy Jones and his puppy Bonner get across in their train. The game is loaded with little jokes and chuckle worthy elements, and the art style is really cool too. All in all, it’s simple, fun, full of personality, and worth checking out.

Who’s it for? People who enjoy colorful physics puzzlers. Also, bridge lovers.

What’s it like? Simple Physics is a very early game in the genre. Dummy Defense is an interesting take on the idea.

9th Dawn ($2.99)

What’s it about? An epic and sprawling RPG world with fast paced action packed twin stick combat.

What’s cool? Brought to us by Valorware and Made with Marmalade, this is essentially like the classic Ultima, plus twin stick controls and roguelike elements. It reminds me of popular indie MMO, Realm of the Mad God, but more traditional, single player, and with a really well written story. Playing as either a knight, archer, or mage, you’ll go through dungeons, towns, and monsters to get that sweet loot and save the world from the rising armies of the undead. The old school visuals and sound allow for a surprisingly massive world to explore too. This game is seriously cool. Trust me.

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Who’s it for? Anyone who likes new school games with an old school soul, or games that blend the old and the new. Also, RPG fans in general.

What’s it like? It’s pretty unique to be honest. Another retro style RPG worth checking out is Guardian Saga. A more modern one would be Ravensword: Shadowlands.

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