New iPhone apps worth downloading: CBS Connect update, Hundreds, Repulze

Jan 3, 2013

Get the most out of your favorite CBS shows with the help of your iPad and CBS Connect. It brings you second-screen functionality, like the ability to interact with other viewers as you’re watching a TV show. Also, two new games just hit the iTunes App Store: Hundreds, a puzzler about expanding bubbles without letting them touch that really challenges your spatial awareness, and Repulze, a fast and futuristic racer.

CBS Connect update (iPad) (Free)

What’s it about? Second screen iPad app CBS Connect delivers more from your favorite CBS shows, providing you with behind-the-scenes information, trivia, and social interaction while you watch.

What’s cool? The most interesting part of CBS Connect is the ability to interact with cast members and other viewers about your favorite shows while you’re watching them. The app syncs with the shows you’re viewing and pipes you into a real-time social feed, through which you can see what other people are saying about a show and chime in with comments. The app also includes access to the CBS schedule and things like preview video clips, cast bios and special events specifically created for CBS Connect users.

Who’s it for? This one’s definitely for fans of the CBS network. You’ll get the most out of CBS Connect if you like shows such as NCIS: Los Angeles and Hawaii 5-0.

What’s it like? Disney offers a number of second screen apps for its various movies, including The Lion King and Pirates of the Caribbean. GetGlue also offers social interaction surrounding all walks of entertainment.

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Hundreds ($2.99)

What’s it about? A minimalistic puzzler with slick graphics, Hundreds is about carefully expanding bubbles by touching them, without the bubbles touching each other.

What’s cool? Hundreds requires a deft touch. Holding a thumb over a bubble increases its size and turns it red until you let go of it – how long you hold your thumb down determines the bubble’s size according to a numerical value. The idea is that you want to expand all the bubbles on the screen so that the total value of all of them is 100 to clear the level. If any of the bubbles touch while one is red, or if they touch another obstacle while red, you lose.

Who’s it for? Hundreds is a puzzler for players who like a mix of twitch gameplay and strategy.

What’s it like? The movement of the bubbles and their requisite interactions is similar to Osmos, another amazing puzzler.

Repulze ($0.99)

What’s it about? Repulze is a futuristic racer in which you pilot a hovercraft at breakneck speeds across beautiful 3-D tracks.

What’s cool? Packing both touch and tilt gameplay controls, Repulze has players competing in challenges as a test pilot of a special hovercraft. The goal is to rack up the best times as you fly down the road. The game currently includes nine tracks to explore and six hovercrafts to master. With some slick graphics and a really fast pace, Repulze is a fun addition to your iOS racing game library, and it seems more content updates with additional crafst and tracks are on the way.

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Who’s it for? Racing fans, and especially those who like their racers with a little science fiction, should try Repulze.

What’s it like? Similar fast, futuristic racers include Speed Forge Extreme and AXL: Full Boost.

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