New iPhone apps worth downloading: Caveman Feast – Paleo Recipes, Backdoor, Bloodmasque

Jul 26, 2013

Trying to get healthier with the Paleo diet? We’ve got an app that can help you make great food while sticking with the regimen to lead today’s Apps Worth Downloading list. It’s Caveman Feast, and it feature more than 200 Paleo diet recipes. We’ve also got Backdoor, a messaging app that allows you to message your Facebook and Google+ friends anonymously and leave them clues as to your identity. Finally, Bloodmasque is the latest title from Square Enix, mixing role-playing and swipe-based action elements, and throwing in a photo-capturing feature that lets you map your own face onto your player character.

Caveman Feast – Paleo Recipes ($0.99)

What’s it about? Trying to go paleo? Caveman Feast is an app filled with recipes for practitioners of the paleo diet, which cuts out such foods as processed sugars and grains.

What’s cool? Among the toughest part of trying to stick with any diet that excludes foods, from veganism to the Paleo diet, is that it can be hard to find things to make for yourself that also fit the rules you’re trying to follow. Caveman Feast looks to help out with that problem by providing more than 200 recipes that fit the Paleo diet, which has practitioners avoiding refined sugars, processed foods, grains and breads and the like. The app includes recipes for foods like burgers, cookies and barbecue sauce, and it also packs a video introduction to the Paleo diet and interviews with experts about what to expect when sticking with it.

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Who’s it for? If you’re working on sticking with the Paleo diet, grab Caveman Feast for some help sticking with it and making delicious dishes.

What’s it like? You can get more great recipes from Paleo Cookboo Pro and Paleo Diet Pro.

Backdoor (Free)

What’s it about? Chat anonymously with friends using Backdoor, an app that lets you not only send anonymous messages, but leave clues for your friends so they can figure out who you are.

What’s cool? Backdoor is a free chat app that’s also something of a game. It works by linking in with your Facebook and or Google+ profiles to give you access to your contacts, and then lets you chat anonymously with them over your device’s Internet connection. The catch: you chat with people anonymously, and the same goes when they message you. The app lets you provide each other clues, like gender, age, interests and more, to help aid you in figuring out who the conversation is with.

Who’s it for? Users looking for a fun take on instant messaging and who don’t mind throwing in a little bit of a guessing game should check out Backdoor.

What’s it like? You’ll find more instant messaging capabilities in IM+ and Kik Messenger.

Bloodmasque ($6.99)

What’s it about? Combining role-playing elements, action-heavy swipe-based gameplay and photo capturing, Bloodmasque puts players in battles against vicious vampire enemies.

What’s cool? There are vampires to slay in Bloodmasque, the latest action-role-playing title from Square Enix. But first, you need to take photos. Bloodmasque uses a photo-capturing technology that allows you to map your own features onto your in-game character at the outset of the game, and the first step is snapping a shot you’re happy with and getting your character set up. Once that’s done, you’ll adventure into the game’s story, where you’ll fight vampires with a mixture of RPG tactics and swipe-based gameplay. You’ll also have other party members to fight at your side, and Square Enix says you can expect at least 12 hours of gameplay to work through – and as much as 20 hours if you complete everything.

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Who’s it for? Fans of role-playing titles and action games who are looking for a new experience with great production values should check out Bloodmasque.

What’s it like? You might also want to try Horn, which has similar gameplay mechanics, and Chaos Rings II.

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