New iPhone apps worth downloading: CaptureAudio, Ringya update, Graviton Block

Mar 19, 2013

Start your day with CaptureAudio, a voice memo app that outpaces the your native iOS memo app by making it easy to organize your recordings, and even mark specific parts of them. Next up is an update to Ringya, an app that makes it extremely easy to save contact sheets from school, work, sports or whatever. Finally, there’s Graviton Block, a Tetris-like puzzler that makes the classic formula a lot more complex.

CaptureAudio ($1.99)

What’s it about? CaptureAudio is an upgrade to your iOS device’s on-board voice memo app, making it easy to organize your recordings and even mark important points as you record.

What’s cool? Users The standard iOS device voice memo app is nice, but it’s not particularly well-organized or feature-laden. Enter CaptureAudio, which brings additional capabilities to users who are making voice recordings by allowing you to organize your recordings into “notebooks” and “binders,” in order to keep them well-categorized. You can also drop “flags” during recording to mark important points, and rename your flags on the fly to help you keep them organized. Playback shows you where all the flags are so you can skip around, and you can easily share your audio files with others through iTunes.

Who’s it for? Users who get a lot of use out of the voice memo app on their devices should try CaptureAudio’s more organized approach.

What’s it like? Two other great voice memo apps are Voice Recorder HD and Audio Memos.

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Ringya update (Free)

What’s it about? Digitize your contacts list for any sport, club, class or work project instantly with Ringya, an app that makes it easy to organize people you need to talk to with almost zero hassle.

What’s cool? Whenever you have a contact sheet for a group of people, Ringya can help you organize it. The app allows you to start by snapping a photo of the list for a sports team or class, and does the rest with no further input from you. Ringya recognizes when one of your contacts calls you and provides context so you know who they are and how you know them, and it allows you to sync contacts lists with everyone on them, so if one person changes their info, it changes for everyone. The app’s latest update adds the ability to access your iOS device’s Contacts List from within Ringya, so you can send emails or make calls to anyone whose data you have stored, or add them to any lists.

Who’s it for? If you find yourself making use of a lot of contact sheets to stay organized, use Ringya instead.

What’s it like? Try Multi-Edit – Contacts Manager and Smartr Contacts for more organizational help.

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Graviton Block (Free)

What’s it about? Tetris-like title Graviton Block starts with a similar premise – locking blocks together to make complete pieces to score points – but quickly messes with the formula by requiring you to make squares instead of lines.

What’s cool? Graviton Block starts out looking familiar, but you’ll quickly find the puzzler is different from games you’re used to. Your job as you play is to arrange different blocks, which you can’t rotate, in order to make 3×3 squares. Things get complex in a hurry because many of the pieces in Graviton Block have special properties, like effects on gravity. Some blocks attract and other repels, so in order to make squares, stay alive and score points, you’ll need to use strategy and planning to put the right pieces where you need them and use gravity to your advantage.

Who’s it for? Fans of Tetris should try this evolution of the idea.

What’s it like? Tetris definitely has a lot in common with Graviton Block, as does Breaking Blocks.

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