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New iPhone apps worth downloading: CanWeNetwork, Earthquake by American Red Cross, Gameloft LIVE!

Sep 26, 2012

Here are three great iPhone apps to download. CanWeNetwork is a way to help people discover useful business networking contacts nearby with whom you should probably meet. Then we have Earthquake by American Red Cross. It offers a wealth of useful information for people in earthquake zones about how to prepare for a quake or how to cope in its aftermath. Finally, we have Gameloft LIVE!, a social gaming portal which lets you meet other players, build out your avatar and get quick access to all your favorite Gameloft titles.

CanWeNetwork (Free)

What’s it about? Joining the ever-growing stable of ambient social discovery apps, CanWeNetwork recommends business connections nearby you should meet.

What’s cool? The app uses some clever matching technology and your GPS connectivity to discover people close by with similar skills, experience, interests, education and personality. It displays a percentage match score against each person and CanWeNetwork will even help you send a LinkedIn connection request.

Who is it for? As CanWeNetwork is based on your LinkedIn profile data, it’s clearly aimed at people who want to make professional contacts at job fairs, conventions or conferences. It could be useful at somewhere like SXSW or for job hunters and business people.

What’s it like? There are quite a few similar apps out there like Sonar and Highlight, but admittedly CanWeNetwork focuses a bit more on the professional/business relationship side of things. It’s similar to INTRO, an Android app we featured a few weeks ago.

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Earthquake by American Red Cross (Free)

What’s it about? Here’s another great offering from American Red Cross, this time with tips and help on how to prepare for an earthquake or deal with its aftermath.

What’s cool? The app will notify you when an earthquake occurs. There is information on preparing your family and home, finding help, and the app can let others know you are safe (even if the power is out) with a customizable “I’m Safe” alert for Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS.

Who is it for? This app could be a lifesaver for anyone in a strong earthquake zone, especially with its helpful notification features. But many will find the information contained within the app useful. It helps you create an emergency plan and toolkit, prepare your children for disaster, and you can even see an illustrated history of quakes in your area.

What’s it like? If you haven’t already, check out the original First Aid by American Red Cross app and its follow-up, Hurricane by American Red Cross. Expect further installments in the future!

Gameloft LIVE! (Free)

What’s it about? You can now you can get access to Gameloft’s playful social gaming network directly from your iOS devices. The app has been on Android for a while.

What’s cool? It’s now easier than ever to stay connected to Gameloft’s community of 10 million players. Their app lets you meet and add new friends or stay in touch with the ones you already have by sending messages and chatting in real time. You can customize your avatar and environments (in shiny 3-D) with a wealth of skins, build up your game score, unlock items and gain access to news and promotions.

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Who is it for? Fans of game portals, and those who already play Gameloft’s extensive selection of titles, will enjoy the ability to connect with other players and make new friends via Gameloft LIVE! It’s also easy to launch your games directly from the app.

What’s it like? Gameloft’s new portal bears a passing resemblance to My Xbox LIVE especially with its avatar creation and social aspects. It’s like a much more active and colorful Apple Game Center.

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