New iPhone apps worth downloading: Camera+ update, Google Wallet, Disney Infinity: Toy Box

Sep 24, 2013

Today brings us an update to one of the most popular apps on the App Store, Camera+. Take higher quality photos than ever before, all for free. We’ve also got the official iOS release of Google Wallet, taking care of most all of your money needs. Finally, we’ve got an iPad version of the huge Disney Infinity project, Toy Box, letting you create your own games and worlds using some of your favorite Disney characters.

Camera+ update (Free)

What’s it about? Camera+ is the go-to alternative camera app for millions and millions of iOS users.

What’s cool? While the default iPhone camera app is a fine app on its own, the people behind Camera+ have always found ways to make it better and better with each iteration, including things like digital zoom, front flash, and horizon level, plus a ton more. Now, with iOS 7, we’re officially on Camera+ 4, with a new look and interface to match the new operating system. Some new features include exposure compensation, wireless printing to your AirPrint printer, sending photos to Instagram and other apps, or just to family and friends with AirDrop. One of the best camera apps around just keeps getting better.

Who’s it for? People who want more options out of their iPhone camera.

What’s it like? Another solid but more expensive camera option is ProCam.

Google Wallet (Free)

What’s it about? It’s pretty much the ultimate digital wallet to help keep your physical wallet thin.

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What’s cool? Google Wallet let’s you transfer money to any of your friends digitally and hassle free. On top of that, it lets you store your credit and debit cards, any loyalty programs you might belong to, special exclusive offers, and more. Sure, the app is a little more functional with Android, but it’s still excellent for iOS users. If you’re worried about safety, you can use a PIN number to keep the app your-eyes-only, and should you ever lose your phone, you can easily disable the app through the Google Wallet site. Just another way Google makes our lives easier.

Who’s it for? People who want to have access to all their money in one secure location.

What’s it like? Lemon Wallet is another option. You could always also use PayPal.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box (Free)

What’s it about? You can play as some of your favorite Disney characters in a huge game comprised of pretty much everything Disney.

What’s cool? Also available on consoles and PC, Disney Infinity is a pretty ambitious project. Essentially, you play through the pre-made levels and worlds to unlock new pieces for your Toy Box. The Toy Box is a massive sandbox editor, letting you place objects and terrain, so that you can create big levels or race tracks using official Disney characters from tons of different properties, all in one magical melting pot. The iOS version is iPad exclusive, but it does offer cross platform play with the PC and Consoles, letting you save and port your creations between devices. The gameplay is a bit shallow outside of creation, but this is still awesome.

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Who’s it for? Everyone who grew up on Disney and/or Pixar. So, pretty much everyone.

What’s it like? Disney Infinity: Action! offers another slice of the ‘Infinity’ pie.


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