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New iPhone apps worth downloading: Camera+ for iPad, FixYa, Trick Shots

Sep 28, 2012

Here are three great iPhone apps for a new week. Camera+, a hugely successful app for iPhone, now has a dedicated iPad app and it packs in a bunch of additional photo editing features. FixYa has answers to your questions if something is broken or needs repairing and you can even ask them via video. Our game today is Trick Shots courtesy of the Harlem Globetrotters. Bet you’re whistling that tune already.

Camera+ for iPad ($0.99)

What’s it about? It’s been a huge success on iPhone, and now Camera+ has its own dedicated iPad app.

What’s cool? While it’s never the easiest of tasks shooting with an iPad, the Camera+ app instead focuses on the photo editing side of things. Unique to this tablet version are brush on effects, layer effects (a common feature of sophisticated photo editing software), the ability to straighten your pictures, and other advanced image adjustments like white balance, saturation and exposure.

Who is it for? If you only have your iPad on hand when an amazing photo opportunity arises, perhaps the $0.99 you pay for Camera+ will be the best buck you’ve ever spent. For people who don’t want their devices filling up with images, the cloud sync feature is super handy, too. You can even import images from Flickr or Facebook and edit them in Camera+

What’s it like? Many regular iPhone camera apps work just fine on the iPad, though as we mentioned, it’s not always practical to use the tablet for shooting snaps. There are a few iPad-only camera apps like Vintage Camera for iPad and Camera PRO LITE for iPad 2.

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FixYa: Solutions for Everything (Free)

What’s it about? The FixYa app offers fast, easy and free video how-tos which can help solve issues with your products if they’re broken or not functioning correctly.

What’s cool? The app is like an extension of their popular website. You can ask your questions using a video, right from your phone’s camera, or simply search for video answers for your product-related questions. If you’re an expert, you can help out by answering questions about products you know about.

Who is it for? The FixYa community is 25 million people strong, so there are going to be a lot of happy folks downloading this app. The ability to post videos from your iOS device is really handy for people working on large objects (like cars) who might be away from a Wi-Fi connection or laptop.

What’s it like? The app from iFixit offers a similar service. iFixit are well-known for their ‘teardowns’ of new devices upon release.

Trick Shots ($2.99)

What’s it about? The world renowned Harlem Globetrotters are giving everyone a chance to master the awesome trick shots they pull off in their new game.

What’s cool? You’ll need to use a combination of skills and physics to shoot a basketball off objects and make it rain through the net. The faster you manage it, the higher your score. There are 15 cool basketball designs and 30 insane trick shots to master. You can create your own avatar and you’ll even get to play on the moon, through helicopters and other crazy locales.

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Who is it for? Fans of the Globetrotters will enjoy this title with its colorful graphics and the ability to gift trick shots to friends. There’s plenty to challenge fans of skill-based games, too. A free, lite version is available for those who want to try the game before they buy.

What’s it like? Casual basketball games are a popular draw in the iTunes App Store – the mechanic works so well with touchscreens. Check out StarDunk Gold for its online multiplayer mode, or Arcade Hoops Basketball if you prefer to go it alone.

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