New iPhone apps worth downloading: Call-It-Out, AgileZen, Pantheon the Legends

Jan 28, 2013

Connect with Call-It-Out, a social network that focuses on rating shared things and expands interaction to more than just liking and commenting. Up next, we’ve got AgileZen, an iPad productivity app that attempts to keep your workflow organized. Finally, there’s Pantheon the Legends, a card-battle game that pits Greek mythological creatures against one another.

Call-It-Out (Free)

What’s it about? Call-It-Out is a social networking app that focuses on rating shared images, videos and other elements.

What’s cool? As you snap photos and shoot videos, you can also leave descriptions for others to read and instantly give them a rating – either “awful” or “awesome.” You can also rate the posts others share, see trending posts and search for specific items, and add geotags to your posts to give them more context.

Who’s it for? If you feel like what’s missing from networks such as Facebook is the ability to rate posts and topics, Call-It-Out might be your answer.

What’s it like? Call-It-Out combines elements from networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

AgileZen (iPad) (Free)

What’s it about? Productivity app AgileZen is meant to help you organize your workflow, whether you’re alone or collaborating.

What’s cool? AgileZen makes use of a really simple, clean interface that simplifies task management. Your projects and tasks can be color-coded and synced with AgileZen’s beta on the web, so you can share your progress and schedule with others.

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Who’s it for? If you or your team could benefit from organized workflow, AgileZen can help.

What’s it like? Apps such as Evernote and Fellowork keep you organized, even when you’re working with other people.

Pantheon the Legends (Free)

What’s it about? Pantheon the Legends is an online multiplayer card-battle game, in which you gather the gods of Olympus to take each other on in a strategy-heavy matches.

What’s cool? Players earn or buy cards, then organize them into “decks” in order to play the game. Pantheon the Legends includes more than 100 cards from which to choose and construct effective decks, and comes with a single-player story mode, in addition to Wi-Fi enabled multiplayer. You can also upgrade cards over time, and form “guilds” with other players, if you so choose.

Who’s it for? Card battle game fans should give the free Pantheon the Legends a look. Parents should do their best to limit the in-game spending of their kids, since it’s a freemium game.

What’s it like? Rage of Bahamut and Shadow Era TCG are both popular App Store card games.

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