New iPhone apps worth downloading: Buycott, Famous Birthdays, Blitz Brigade

May 16, 2013

Bring some social consciousness to your spending habits today with Buycott, which lets you scan products to find out what companies actually benefit from you buying them. Famous Birthdays is up next and is packed with information about celebrities. Finally, there’s Blitz Brigade, an online first-person shooter with vehicles, character classes and more.

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Buycott (Free)

What’s it about? Ever wonder if the products you buy put money into companies who fight for political and social causes you don’t believe in? Buycott helps you figure that out to buy from companies you agree with and avoid those you don’t.

What’s cool? Buycott describes itself as “the opposite of a boycott.” Instead of exclusively avoiding purchasing from companies whose beliefs you oppose, the app helps you to figure out which companies you want to support and seek them out in particular. It works by allowing you to scan the bar codes of products and find out what companies are actually behind them, going up through the family tree of a company to find its ultimate parent. You can join campaigns created by other users, such as avoiding the products of companies that oppose marriage equality or buying from those who are on your side of the genetically modified food labeling debate, or you can create your own. The app isn’t angled at any particular set of beliefs, but instead empowers you to make choices about who you give your money, regardless of where you stand on issues.

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Who’s it for? If you want to be more conscious about what you buy and what political actions your money might be funding, check out Buycott.

What’s it like? Get some more social action out of your mobile devices with ACLJ Social Action and Free2Work.

Famous Birthdays (Free)

What’s it about? As you might expect, Famous Birthdays connects you with information about the birthdays of famous people each day of the year, and gives you interesting biographical information about them as well.

What’s cool? Every day is someone’s birthday, and Famous Birthdays lets you know who’s birthday it is every day, with more than 30,000 profiles of famous people. The app includes tons of information about the people featured within, and scores their “popularity” based on user activity to bring you the profiles you’ll be most interested in seeing. You can also search for celebrities to learn more about them.

Who’s it for? Fans of celebrity profiles will find lots of information here.

What’s it like? Get more info on lots of different celebrities from IMDb, and play some games with your celebrity knowledge in Who’s the Celeb?.

Blitz Brigade (Free)

What’s it about? Jump online and blast enemies in Gameloft’s latest first-person shooter, the cartoonish and team-based Blitz Brigade.

What’s cool? Fans of the popular PC first-person shooter Team Fortress 2 will see the heavy influence on Blitz Brigade, a similar team-based FPS that’s all about joining up with other players to take down the opposing force. Players choose from a number of different character classes that determine what weapons they have and how they play, and then work to either beat down the other team or capture flags or territory in Blitz Brigade’s multiple game modes. The game also includes vehicles, offering different ways to assault bases and get around its maps, and supports as many as 12 players per match.

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Who’s it for? First-person shooter fans won’t want to miss Blitz Brigade’s high-energy action.

What’s it like? Check out Gameloft’s other solid FPS titles for multiplayer, Modern Combat 4 and N.O.V.A. 3.

You can see for yourself by watching our video review below!

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