New iPhone apps worth downloading: BitTorrent Sync, Terraria, Max Steel

Aug 30, 2013

We’re kicking off today’s Apps Worth Downloading with BitTorrent Sync, a file transfer app that lets users back up the files on and send files between iOS devices. This week has seen some pretty great game releases, too. First up is Terraria, the Minecraft-like side-scrolling action-adventure title that’s all about exploring, creating buildings and tools, followed by Max Steel, a game that combines running game conventions with robot-fighting action.

BitTorrent Sync (Free)

What’s it about? Transfer files between your iOS devices and computers with the help of BitTorrent Sync.

What’s cool? Devices such as iPhones and iPads have big on-board hard drives, and that makes them handy places to store and transfer files. BitTorrent Sync lets you move files between your iOS devices and other locations, like computers or even other mobile devices. The app lets you quickly and easily back up your Camera Roll and save videos to your “Sync” folders, and you can use BitTorrent Sync to send encrypted files to your friends on their devices.

Who’s it for? If you could use a means of transferring files and sending them to other users, check out BitTorrent Sync.

What’s it like? You can send more files to others and back up what’s on your iOS devices with File Share and Dropbox.



Terraria ($4.99)

What’s it about? Side-scrolling action-adventure title Terraria draws inspiration from Minecraft, tasking players with exploring a world and crafting tools along the way.

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What’s cool? Each world you play through and explore in Terraria is procedurally generated, which means it’s created on the spot by the game and randomized from game to game. That makes each adventure through Terraria different from the last, but you’ll always be tasked with finding and mining resources, making the tools you need to survive and building structures. You can also recruit characters to your home as you build it, and fight off 75 different monsters, plus a handful of boss creatures for added difficulty.

Who’s it for? Fans of games in which exploring, building and fighting are all equal parts should check out Terraria.

What’s it like? Obviously, fans of Terraria shouldn’t miss Minecraft: Pocket Edition, as well as Junk Jack X.

Max Steel (Free)

What’s it about? Max Steel combines elements of running titles and action games. Players run through canyons and fight off robots.

What’s cool? Half of Max Steel is a running title, with players barreling through tight canyons and collecting coins along the way, while dodging obstacles and enemies that appear in their path. The other half, though, has players using quick thinking and reflexes in battles against robots as they work to dodge incoming projectiles and beat down enemies. You’ll be able to activate special powers like shields and super-strength to fight off bigger enemies, and upgrade Max’s capabilities over time as you work through the game.

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Who’s it for? If you like running titles with a side of action, Max Steel is for you.

What’s it like? Polara and Outland Games are two more running titles that mix in other elements.

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