New iPhone apps worth downloading: Bellator MMA, DayDream – Alarm Clock, Dragon Summoner

Mar 4, 2013

Fans of mixed-martial arts fights on TV will be interested in today’s leading app worth downloading. It’s Bellator MMA, a second-screen app that lets users connect with fights as they’re watching, getting information and seeing what others viewers think of the action. We’ve also got DayDream – Alarm Clock, an alternative alarm clock app to replace your iOS device’s standard offering, and Dragon Summoner, a card-battle title with single-player, cooperative and online multiplayer modes.


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Bellator MMA (Free)

What’s it about? Second-screen app Bellator MMA lets users get into mixed-martial arts fight action, connecting with other viewers as they watch fights on Spike TV.

What’s cool? Bellator offers a number of cool features that let MMA fans get the inside track on the action. First and foremost, the app provides all kinds of stats on the fight you’re watching as well as the fighters involved, giving you all the info you could need about it as you’re watching. You can also act as “the Fourth Judge” along with other viewers by participating in polls about which fighter is winning, as well as make pre-fight picks and more.

Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of MMA fights on Spike TV, Bellator is an app you’ll likely find very useful.

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What’s it like? Get more second-screen options for MMA fights from AXS TV Fights.

DayDream – Alarm Clock ($0.99)

What’s it about? As its name implies, DayDream is an alarm clock app that makes itself unique by waking up its users with a number of different melodies and inspirational quotes.

What’s cool? Alarm clock app DayDream includes all the functions you’d expect from just such an app, like snooze controls, vibrating and sound-based alarms and automatic 24- or 12-hour clock formats. Where it sets itself apart is in its user interface, which includes big easy-to-hit buttons and a blue-sky background, and the inclusions of inspirational quotes to go with your wake-up. It packs seven melodies for its alarm functions, tells you the weather first thing, and even allows users to submit original quotes to be used in the app.

Who’s it for? Users who find their iOS devices’ standard alarm apps are a little boring might try DayDream.

What’s it like? ooTunes Radio is a solid alarm clock alternative, as is SpeakToSnooze.

Dragon Summoner (Free)

What’s it about? A card-battle title, Dragon Summoner lets players put together decks of powerful cards to use in a game against others.

What’s cool? More than 200 cards await players of Dragon Summoner, a card-battle game that has players using cards representing characters, magic spells and more in order to do battle. Players choose between three allegiances that offer different kinds of cards to use against their enemies, and can fight through a single-player story campaign, or take on other players in multiplayer battles. You can also play cooperatively with friends to take down fearsome Raid Bosses.

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Who’s it for? P Players who like card-battle titles, strategy games and role-playing games should give Dragon Summoner a go.

What’s it like? Other solid card-battle games in the App Store are Rage of Bahamut and Shadow Era TCG.

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