New iPhone apps worth downloading: BeCouply, Yahoo! Mail update, Castle Raid

Feb 13, 2013

Looking for something for you and your sweetheart to do on Valentine’s Day? Try today’s leading app, BeCouply, which helps nail down local date ideas. We’ve also got a big update to Yahoo! Mail, and Castle Raid, a quick real-time strategy title you can play alone or with a friend on the same device.

BeCouply (Free)

What’s it about? Just in time for Valentine’s Day, BeCouply helps users identify fun couples activities, for the holiday or any day.

What’s cool? Fire up the BeCouply app, which uses your device’s GPS capabilities to find places for you. Those locations and events are broken into categories and suggestions, providing you with date ideas like grabbing seafood, catching a rock concert or finding a movie. BeCouply literally points you in the right direction, and lets you save your events, snap photos and movies. The app also supports filters for your photos and lets you sync them back and forth between your device and your significant other’s device.

Who’s it for? If you’re in a relationship and you want something to do for a date night (or Valentine’s Day), you’re in this app’s target demographic.

What’s it like? Try OpenTable for nabbing reservations, as well as Gravy to find things to do around you.

Yahoo! Mail update (Free)

What’s it about? The dedicated app for Yahoo’s web-based email service lets you quickly check and send email, and has received some improvements to make it run even better.

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What’s cool? On its face, Yahoo! Mail is a pretty standard email client for web-based email, and if you use Yahoo’s email services, you’ll find the app pretty handy. Like any email client, you can check your account, send, flag, or kick emails to spam, but functions are intuitively easy to access. You can get push notifications for new mail and access your inbox with a single tap, and the app integrates swipe controls for deleting messages.

Who’s it for? If you use Yahoo’s web-based email or are in the market for a new one, download Yahoo! Mail.

What’s it like? You can also get email help through the popular Gmail.

Castle Raid ($1.99)

What’s it about? Real-time strategy title Castle Raid has players gather resources to raise an army, then using that army to smash the castle of their opponent in short, intense battles.

What’s cool? Castle Raid takes something of a simpler approach to real-time strategy. Players have bases on either side of a river and have to fight through from one side to the other. You do so by gathering troops made up of knights, archers, and magicians, which you can purchase by having your peasants gathering resources from around the battlefield. Once you have your army together, you send them into battle, both to defend your side of the screen and to destroy the enemy’s. Castle Raid includes same-device multiplayer, so you can take on friends.

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Who’s it for? If five- to eight-minute strategy game sessions sound like your bag, try Castle Raid.

What’s it like? Lich Defense and Lords & Knights both have a similar fantasy and medieval strategy bent.

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